40 Glocc Wiki, Bio, Married or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Lawrence White, best known as 40 Glocc, was born in 16 December, 1974 in Texas. He is popularly known for his rapping and acting. He has been engaged as rapper from 1997 and he is continuing it till now. He mostly sings the West Coast Hip Hop. He was formally engaged to Infamous Records and G-Unit Records.

After moving to California, he got engaged to rapping business. He started to rap with the local boys and formed the group called “Zoo Crew” in 1997. He has recorded many songs, which have helped to give him the successes in this field. His height of successes increased after he signed the contract with G-Unit Records. He has appeared with many co-stars, which has also made an effect to the public.

White is American by nationality and white in ethnicity. But his songs are mesmerizing and heart touching to the group of people around the world. He has the large number of followers in his social networking sites as well. He is the regular user of twitter and Instagram. If you are also his fan, you can follow him in these sites.

White came in the news time and again because of the legal issues and controversies. In 1996, he was arrested in the charge of attempted murder of the police officer. Though he denied the fact, it brought negative implications to his career as well. He has been arrested several times from 2009 to present. He has violated many laws in these recent years. Because of this reasons, he has spend many days in the prison as well.

White has already reached the age of 40 and has been incorporated in many controversies till now. Because of his gang members, many personalities have got hard times to cope up with the situations. He has also appeared in several movies such as “Book of Love” and “Miss March”. He has officially recorded many mix tapes as well which have became popular to the listeners.

White is a tall guy with the height of 5 feet 11 inch. Though he is seemed dating in the public places with his girlfriend, he has not bothered to get married till now. Because of his age, people started to create rumors that he is a gay. He has not once thought about who his wife will be. Though he loves the children, he has not announced any sort of relationship in the media till now.

Because of his craze in the Facebook and YouTube, he has got millions of views in his YouTube channel. He has once initialized the altercation of “The Game” which got him in the $4.5 million lawsuit. Though he has reached in this position after many hurdles, he is seemed to be not controlling it because of his behaviors against the law. His shirtless pictures can be found in the web. He has the net worth of $1.5 million. His songs can also be watched in YouTube. If you want to know more about his biography, you can visit Wikipedia as well as IMDB.