Abz Love Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Born on June 1979, Richard Abidin Breen is an English rapper, singer, producer, dancer and also a DJ who is popularly known by his next name, Abz Love or more easier, Abz. Born in Enfield, the land of London, his father, Turan Sanveren who was from Turkish ethnicity whereas his other Katherine Breen was an Irish. He was grown up on a council estate in Hackney, East London. He joined Italia Conti Stage School where he was chosen along with some other four boys to work as a part of the internationally successful boy band called ‘Five’.

While he was a part of the ‘Five’, he rapped in the middle of their songs and made a worldwide success but the band broke down on 27th of September in the year 2001. When the band split up, Love was the only band member left to release a solo album by his own called Abstract Theory. He also had total of three top 10 hits in the ‘UK Singles Chart’. The band ‘Five’ again reunited in the year 2012 and also, featured in the ‘ITV2’ reality series ‘Big Reunion’ in 2013. Love revealed that he was the one and only member of the band who was against the splitting up of the band on the show.

In the year 2012, he arranged a tour to Austrlia for a major pop festival called ‘Rumba’ and even performed on the stage with the boy band called ‘Blue’. He enjoyed a fair and brief successful career after releasing the album ‘Abstract Theory’ in the year 2003. He was also called onto the BBC three show called ‘Celebrity Scissor hands’ in order to receive a manicure from the former band mate, Scott Robinson. He finally changed his name to Abz Love in the year 2003 and stated that he changed his name from Abs because he was so annoyed of people referencing the term Six pack.

It was reported Abz to enter the ‘Celebrity Big Brother 12’ house on 22nd of August, 2013. He was declared as the runner up of the show on September 13 behind Charlotte Crosby. In August 2014, it was eventually announced that Love had left the group via twitter. After the split of the band, Love got engaged in taking drugs and alcohol and got arrested by the police eventually being declared bankrupt after signing a deal with a rogue agent.

Abz Love broke up with has girlfriend, Vicky Fallon after dating with her for long five years. The couple never got married though but he always wanted to havea husband and wife relationship with her. As they were never married, they didn’t have a divorce too. With the height of success he has achieved with his musical biography, he has estimated a good net worth for himself.

With his huge number of songs, musical albums and even the shirtless pictures, he has gained all the love of his fans and followers. He has a high number of fans in his twitter and Instagram accounts. Well, he is not a gay and his wiki is very popular with all his musical achievements.