Adam Brand Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce and Girlfriend

Adam Brand is a popular country musician as well as a singer, who is from Australia. He has been in the music industry for more than 30 years; and begun his career as a musician in 1997 and since has been going along good. He has released over 50 different songs, some compilation albums and 11 studio albums that have all made inside the “Top 50” of the Australian music chart. Having had many guest appearances and collaborate music, videos and studio work; Adam has also composed songs and music for some movies as well. He has made a great fortune as well as fame, and with his videos, concerts and tours has travelled around and made many few friends and fans. To find out more about his life and career, you can read his biography, which is available in Wikipedia.

Brand was born as Adam Alberto Bruno on the 27th of January 1970 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. He was born as the only child in a middle class family, where his mother worked as a music teacher and his father was a travelling salesman. Having an early interest as well as mentorship on his musical interests saw him play drums when he was 10 years old and with age he learned to play other instruments as well. After finishing his high school, he moved to Sydney with his father in 1997, and explored his options there. Soon enough, he found a company named Flying Nun Records to produce his work and in 1998 came up with his first ever album, which was the same as his name. Released in March of 1998, that album went straight to number 44 on the ARIA charts.

With his first album becoming a sensation already, Adam received three CMAA awards the following year (although he was nominated in five) for ‘Video Track of the Year’ ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘New Talent of the Year’. Then in 2000, he released his second album named “Good Friends” which went further up the ranks in the album listings. There too, he bagged an award for the ‘Vocal Collaboration of the Year’ alongside Melinda Schneider and again in 2001 was awarded with: ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’, ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year’. With these successes, he also had success in his personal life as he got married to his first wife whose whereabouts are unknown to the media.

But the marriage didn’t work out and they separated after which Adam was seen with his new girlfriend Jade Hatcher. The couple too decided to get married around 2009 but divorced soon, towards the end of 2011. Currently, he is supposed to be single and despite rumors of him being sexually gay, he is not. There is huge demand for his shirtless pictures in the media, and people also seem to peak on his Instagram for it, but so far the results have been disappointing. A fair man with a good height and good looks still at 46 years of age, Adam has been doing great making lots of money, fame and songs altogether. His estimated net worth value has not been revealed to the media.