Adam Dutkiewicz Wiki, Bio, Height, Married or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Adam Jonathan Dutkiewicz is a successful American recording engineer, musician, songwriter, and music producer born on April 4, 1977. He is most excellent identified as a guitarist and backup lead singer from Massachusetts’s metalcore bands Killswitch Engage, Aftershock, and Times of Grace. He was grown up in Westhampton, Massachusetts. Dutkiewicz attended Hampshire Regional High School. He afterward attended the Berklee University of tune in Boston, studying making, audio engineering, and bass guitar. While at academy, he began performing in the group after effects with buddy Joel Stroetzel. Stroetzel would afterward unite him, Mike D’Antonio, and Jesse leak in form Killswitch connect. He was the drummer of Killswitch connect, awaiting the release of its second album, Alive or Just Breathing, while he walked to guitars, and Tom Gomes became the group drummer.

Dutkiewicz has used a large range of guitars and amps all the way through his profession, including the Mesa Boogie Roadster and Triple Rectifier heads, a Marshall JCM900, a customized Soldano SLO-100, and a Hughes and Kettner TriAmp MKII, which he did not approximating for metal because he supposed it “didn’t hang on to mutually well.” He is quoted as aphorism that he likes the guitars because they have a extremely “start-like neck.” Ever since 2007, he has been seen using a variety of models and brands, but still uses Caparison for tracking in the building. In 2008 shows, he used a black Parker wing with an EMG 81/EMG 85 position for pickups. He used a tradition Caparison, modeled later than the Dellinger model. He earlier used Parker guitars for their light power so as to keep away from deterioration his backside troubles, but ended his approval due to eminence issues after receiving his mark model. Sometime in 2008, he switched to using a stock PRS Guitars tradition 22, which he used for a small number of years. In the video for “In Due Time”, Adam can be seen using an EVH Wolfgang Hardtail. He has as then switched to EVH Wolfgangs full-time. Adam likes to take the piss out of things.  He just wishes to have a good quality time kind of done something like an asshole, but in a funny manner. He likes to get group going, egg the throng on. He gets up there and calls the mass ‘pussies’ and all this things.

Adam Dutkiewicz is said to be single. While further members frankly talk about having a wife, Adam remains quiet when it comes to this element of his personal life, which leads to gossip that he is almost certainly, not yet married. There is not mentioned a lot about his personal life related to his girlfriend, dating, children and divorce. Hence he is not supposed to be gay.

He is supposed to have net worth of $8 million dollars. His fans and followers follow him in twitter account and also in Instagram. More information about his performance and all can be found in wiki. He is a handsome young man, who has a great physique. He is very tall and has got good height. As he has gained much reputation within a very short period of time, he has number of fans following him in different social networking sites. One can follow him in different social networking sites and search his biography. This young and energetic singer has long way to go in the near future with his talent, hard work and songs.