Adrian Lamo Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend and Gay

The Colombian American threat analysis and former hacker, Adrian Lamo was born on February 28 in the year 1981 and has reached the age of 34. His height is 1.75m. Born in Boston, Massachusetts to parents, Mary Atwood and Mario Lamo, does not have a high school diploma. He obtained a GED and was ordered by the court to attain some classes at American River College in California. He is known as the ‘Homeless Hacker’ because of his supposedly transient lifestyle.

He has claimed that he has spent much of his travels couch surfing, moving from buildings to buildings and also travelling to cafes, universities and libraries in order to investigate networks and even sometimes, exploiting security holes. He has also claimed that he has refused to accept payment for his works and services in spite of performing unauthorized and authorized vulnerability assessments for a number of high profile and large entities.

He also volunteered for the lesbian and gay media firm called ‘’ in the middle of 1990s. The ‘San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ appointed him to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth Task force. He overdosed on amphetamines prescribed during his period I the year 2001.

In an interview taken in 2004 with Lamo’s ex-girlfriend, she described Lamo as ‘very controlling’. He got first attention for breaking into a number of high-profile computer networks like ‘The New York Times’, ‘Yahoo!’ and also, ‘Microsoft’ which led him to be arrested in 2003. He reported U.S soldier PFC, Bradley Manning to federal authorities, stating that Manning had leaked a hundreds of thousands of sensitive U.S government documents to ‘WikiLeaks’ in 2010. He was incarcerated and arrested in the U.S military justice system and again sentenced to 35 years in confinement later.

He has always been critical of media coverage of the hacker collective ‘Anonymous’, claiming that media outlets have mythologized and over-hyped the group.

A documentary movie called ‘Hacker’s Wanted’ was produced by ‘Trigger Street Productions’ and narrated by ‘Kevin Spacey’, which was focused on Lamo’s life as a hacker. The movie has not been released. A video purporting to be a trailer for the movie was leaked   in May 2009 and an earlier cut of the movie was leaked via ‘Bittorrent’.

He was claimed to be a violent psychopath and his ex girlfriend got a restraining order on him for attacking her with a gun. He got married to Lauren Fisher and later again, to his next wife, Jeanne DeVille Taylor but both the relationships ended with a divorce within few years. He has no kids yet.

He is supposed to have a net worth of nearly about $500 thousand dollars. He has a huge fan following in his twitter account though. He has 28 thousand followers whereas he has also uploaded 791 photos and videos and has nearly about 23.7 tweets for his followers. Even his Instagram account is filled with the support of his fans. His biography and wiki might be illegally wrong but still, he has been able to grab the attention of thousands of his fans.