Alana Thompson Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight and Parents

Alana Thompson is a beautiful little girl known for her talent through one of the most popular reality TV shows featured in Travel and Living Channel (TLC) “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Episode i.e. TV show. There are many pictures of her available on some of the popular wiki as well as many other popular wiki sites. But there has been no such info on her being involved in any movies till date.

This young actress is very popular among her fans and a follower not just in her national ground but is also very popular internationally as accountable through some of the popular social sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Accounting her place and date of birth she has been determined to be an American in nationality has been taken up to be 9 years in age as accounted through her verified date of birth. Talking about her family life she was born in Georgia, United States in the year 2005 as a daughter to Mike Thompson and June Shannon. She has three sisters as her siblings as accounted till date. She has also been nominated for some awards as well. There are many other info and news available through some of the popular wiki sites such as some news on her related in the year 2015, news of her loosing weight in the year 2014 and many more. There were rumors of her death due to obesity later on turned out to be hoax.

She is a very talented child actress who has been praised by numerous judges as well as many other fans and followers. There are numerous pictures of her available through some of the popular web sites in varieties of outfits till date. She currently stands tall with her acts and her performances in the entertainment industry as a brilliant actress. There is news also related to her weight loss and some details and information relating her with the year 2015 too.

Talking about her physique, she was known to be over weight since her childhood thus leading to some rumors of her being dead in the year 2013. She currently stands tall wit the height of 4 feet 6 inches i.e. 1.37 when converted in meters, and was estimated to be an obese but currently there is news of her and her parents loosing weight. Talking about her over weight it was basically proven to be a result of consumption of highly calorific food items and beverages.

Even though a short biography on her is available on some of the popular wiki as well as celebrity sites such as IMDb and Wikipedia, but there is no such info on her personal as well as professional life available on abundance, but some of her vital info i.e. basic details are available through some of the web sites.

Accounting her personal talent she has been currently accounted to have been estimated to be worth $800 thousand till date and as accounted through some sources she has been estimated to be paid $50 thousand per episode as her salary. She has also gained popularity through her TV show not just nationally but has also gained international fans and followers over seas as well.