Alannah Myles Wiki, Bio, Married, Husband and Net Worth

Alannah Myles is a beautiful and talented Canadian singer, musician and songwriter and a small time TV model as well. Although she left the modeling and acting part a long time ago, but she been known for her performances, her songs and albums. She has released six albums in her career but has performed numerous songs in different places around the world. Learning music from a very young age, she also started to write her own stuffs from the age of 9.

By 12, she was her school’s rock star by already performing solos in and around her school. One of her first recorded song “”Black Velvet”, was written about her idol and rock N roll legend Elvis Presley. With her huge fame and popularity around the world, there is more to know about her if you research online in websites like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.

Alannah was born on the 25th of December, 1958 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; as Alannah Byles. She was born as the daughter of William Douglas Byles, who was one of the first person to start broadcasting in Canada and his name has been instated in the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame in 1997. Raised by her parents in Ontario, she did her basic schooling and spent her childhood composing and learning music.

After the certainty of her pursuing a career in music or entertainment related field, she changed her last name to Myles from Byles when she was 19. After she completed high school, she started testing out for different TV commercials in order to raise money and start recording her albums. But, that didn’t work out well as she was rejected a countless number of times before she finally got a helping hand. In joint efforts from Much Music (City TV) DJ and FACTOR to pay the bills; she finally got a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 1987. A Canadian by nationality, her family had mixed ethnicity although every one of them were Christians by religion.

Myles is known for her bold nature, direct in ways of saying things that could sometimes become a problem for her. She was a terrific performer on stage, and equally sober and humble off stage. With so many friends and followers she had, they all had good things to say about her.

Apart from her talent and manners, she was also very attractive physically and is a beautiful woman still at the age of 58. She didn’t have a very great height but her legs were slim and long.

With her attractive eyes and alluring lips, she always had a bright smile on her face; reflecting her positivity and confidence. She has also got a sexy figure with nice curves, and despite any hot pictures in bikinis, you can find some others where she has revealed her cleavage and feet. It might sound very surprising that a person like her who has been so much in front of media and camera, has been successful to hide her personal life and affairs from the media.

Apart from the letters of her psycho fans and admirers, she however hasn’t been known for having too many boyfriends; and as of now, we don’t known whether she is married or has got a husband.

With not much information about her dating life, we only know that she had been with a Robert Plant since 1990, but there are no updates on their present status. To find out more about her life and career, you can read her biography in sites like Wikipedia or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Her estimated net worth value in 2016 is about $3.5 million USD (approx.), making her one of the highest earning singers around the world.