Alex Gaskarth Wiki, Girlfriend, Dating, Engaged or Gay and Net Worth

If you were feeling all time low, then it would be a good idea to listen to the American pop-punk/emo-pop band All Time Low’s Billboard 2000 and UK Album charts topper album Future hearts.

When the band broke out, people thought that they were just group of boys imposing boyish charms in the industry.

However, things have changed, haven’t they? Now, the band names come in the list of the most popular pop pop-punk band in the history of the country.

What is unique about the band is it’s band members. They are of different characters and that is important for a pop-punk band to succeed.

The distinct band is famous for its talented members, self-depreciating yet inspiring lyrics, up-beat music and meaningful songs. The band is the only band who can present a love song about a stripper (Dear Maria) and this is also the band that have helped various depressed people with songs like “kids in the dark”.

The other good aspect of the band is that it’s not one-dimensional. It’s true that the band more focus is on pop-punk, but the band has already proved that it can think out of the box with rocking hits such as “Too Much” and “Therapy”.

The Maryland based band formed in 2003 consists of Zack Merrick (bass guitarist and backing vocalist), Jack Barakat (lead guitarist and backing vocalist), Rian Dawson (drummer and percussionist) and Alex Gaskarth (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist). 

The front-man of the band, Alex Gaskarth, is thought to be the driving force of the band.  He functions in the band as a lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and keyboard player.
On top of that, he has everything that a rock-star should have from appealing looks, crazy musical skills to high-pitch voice.

In addition to that, the British-born tall man with the height of 6 feet is
also famous for his unique hairstyle (previously messy hairstyles featuring chin-length locks and now short hairstyles featuring right-side side swept), hair colors and goofy face. As of 2015, his age is 27 years.

According to Erikson’s theory of psychological states, the 27-year-old man is currently in the stage 6 (18-40 years). The basic conflict in this stage is “intimacy” Vs “isolation”, which means one needs a solid intimate relationship (other than family member) in his/her life to pass the stage and avoid isolation.

Simply, what a man or a woman in this stage need is a long-term relationship so that he/she can develop a sense of commitment, safety and care in his life and within the relationship. 

And for Alex, he is nailing this stage. Just in February, 2015, he got engaged to his long time girlfriend Lisa Ruocco, an ex model. Prior to the engagement, they were in an on-again and off again relationship for 10 about years. Simply, they are high school lovers.    

And, what Lisa likes is pretty things, wine, cooking, traveling, making toasts, books, puppies and true love (we know who he is).

Of course, it will be interesting to see how their dating relationship unfolds in coming future. Will they get married? Will they love husband and wife to each other?

Definitely, it will be smart to leave such questions in the hands of time.  What we will like to answer is that Alex and his bestie namely lead guitarist Jack Barakat are just good friends and not a gay couple.

All of the band members including Jack and Alex are playing with each other since their high school days. Each member of the band is like a brother to Alex. The gay rumors between the two may have surfaced on the media because of their close friendship.
Matter of fact, ATL is always known as a goofy band that doesn’t take things seriously and same logic applies to it’s members. Simply, Alex and Jack have known each other since kindergarten and share a brotherly love.  

Keep connected to our site to get more wiki on him.  You can also follow him on his twitter account if you are a fan.  Hurry up, 1.24 million inspired people are already following him. His tweet name is @AlexAllTimeLow and current twitter description is:

“Approximately 10 minutes late to everything. Mind-bendingly inconsistent. A human jambalaya! New album Future Hearts in stores now!”
Well, we must say the net worth of $1-2 million is a good amount for a man who is such careless human being. Careless or not, Alex will always be rememberd for inspiring alternative pop. 

Last but not the least, you can surf the media to get more wiki on him. Many sites have presented his biography and featured his inspiring quotes as well.

Oh! Snap! How could we forget? You can check out his shirtless pictures on the media. Well, we don’t think that he goes to a gym. He looks healthy though. Anyway, the point of matter is that he doesn’t like to judge people on their looks and thinks everyone is beautiful in their own way. Nevertheless, not only his shirtless pictures are matter of concern to his fans but also his couple pictures with Lisa- all of which you can access on the web along with Lisa modeling pictures (probably).  

Too Much” and “Therapy”