Alexander Ovechkin Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Alexander Ovechkin is Russian citizen, who is a professional ice hockey player, who plays as a winger position and currently is the captain of “Washington Capitals”, one of the major teams in National Hockey League (NHL). Prior to his commitment with the Capitals in 2005, he was playing in the Russian Super League with HC Dynamo Moscow, and played four seasons with that team starting 2001. With his outstanding scoring and passing records, he was a big signing for the American league and the team, and the signing was one of the costliest in the history of NHL, with Washington Capitals promising him an annual salary of $3.9 million dollars. Having had helped his Russian team to so many wins and tittles, that amount seemed pretty fair and reasonable when you look at the talent of this player.

Mostly known as “Alex” Ovechkin, he was born on the 17th of September, 1985 as Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin. He was born in the capitol of Russia, Moscow as the younger o two sons to a former national football player Mikhail Ovechkin and his wife Tatyana Ovechkina, who was a gold medalist with Russia’s women basketball team. Born into a family of athletes, Alex chose his sport when he was 2 years of age and held onto a hockey stick for some time, which was symbolic to his parents. With that not enough, he also started to take interest in hockey games whenever they came on T.V and that interest has made him who is today. After getting encouraged from his folks to make a career out of sports, Alex started to work really hard on his hickey skills, his running, stamina and other factors. Also, the tragic loss of his brother Sergei Ovechkin, who was an inspiration to Alex, he was more focused and determined to play well on ice. With his parents and their parents all-originating from the USSR, it is obvious that Alex has got the same ethnicity as well Russian nationality.

With a huge success on his professional career, it seems like Alex has also made significant progress on his love life. A player on field, he is suspected to be a player off the field as well, especially when you look at the number of names that pop up in the media, when searched about his girlfriends. Of course, when you are in his position a lot of stunts are done for publicizing the player; either negatively or positively and so not all those names might be true. But he seems to have a thing for women, and especially after coming to U.S.A, has got an active dating life. A charming individual with a good height and body, a large fame and wealth, you wouldn’t be surprised to know about his multiple affairs.

Although he has never been married and has got no wife or children, and that might be because of his instability with his partners. Currently, he has started dating Nastya Shubskaya, and these two began their romance from the March of 2015. Also, he has been linked to other names like: Victoria Lopyreva, Ekaterina, Valeria Sokolova, Maria Kirilenko and a couple of other women. With so much going on in his dating life, rumors that accuse him to be sexually gay are not just false but largely absurd. To find out more about him, you can read his biography in sites like Wikipedia or also follow him on Twitter and Instagram, where you could probably find some of his shirtless pictures. As of 2016, Alex has got a net worth value of $30 million US dollars.