Alexia Echevarria Wiki, Bio, Husband, Divorce and Children

Alexia Echevarria, also known by her nickname “Cuban Barbie,” is a well-known American reality television persona. Beside her acting interest, the beauty of Cuban nationality and Caucasian ethnicity is a big time operator of a premium Latinos culture focused fashion-trend -celebrity magazine namely Venue.

Currently, she serves as the executive editor of the magazine, which she and her second husband founded a long time ago.  

If you didn’t know, her second husband is no other than American Cuban multi-millionaire marketing tycoon Herman Echevarria.

Unfortunately, it is being reported by various reliable sites that Herman and Alexia are no longer a couple since early 2015. Various reputed sites such as Wetpaint, Reality, and US magazine have already reported the insights they received from the insiders, on the matter.

Matter of fact, the good-wishers of both the individual has perceived the divorce news as an unpredictable surprise.

Just in 2014, they were happily married couple sharing their happy life-related news to the world, and now in 2015, their divorce news has become kind of viral. Therefore, people are making a smart guess about the possible reasons for their divorce.

Simply, people are assuming the catalyst of their strongly degrading marriage must have been something big. It is even hard to believe that it is a matter of financial issues as both of them have a massive net worth of 30 million US dollar each. And over and above that, there have not been any dating related scandals that can be attached to the divorce news.

Whatever be the case, the two famous personas are expected to solve their personal issues so that their joint investments will continue to flourish. In addition to that, it is reported by various online sites that Herman is close to Alexia’s two children – the older son Peter Rosello – a young adult of age 22 and the younger one namely Frankie Rosello – an adolescent of age 17.

Previously, Alexia was married to the man named Pedro Rosello. Peter and Frankie are Alexia and Pedro’s children. 

However, she only made the matter public in later seasons of the reality show The Real Housewives of Miami. 

Moreover, she also dedicated an article about the matter on the Bravotv website in 2013 disclosing how hard she and 3 months old Peter life became when Pedro went to prison in the year 1992 in the case of cocaine smuggling. Later, Pedro and Alexia divorced somewhere in the late 90’s.

Till now, Alexia boyfriend turned ex-husband Pedro has been arrested for three occasions i.e. in 1992, 2007 and 2013. In the revelation article in 2013, she has mentioned that she tried to hide about their biological father misdoings from her children for a long time.   

Now moving on to the Cuban beauty physical configuration, she is referred as the Cuban Barbie for a reason. 

Firstly, she looks young even she is nearing to her 50. Secondly, she fit in a definition of a perfect looking blonde. She has a tall height with long toned legs. Her eyes are perfectly blue, and she has got a fit body as well.

Beside all of these characteristics, she has big breasts, meaty thighs, cute looking nose and a killer smile.   

Sadly, her exact body measurements are not known, but analyzing her past to present pictures, it can be speculated that she has body measurements of someone of a rectangle shaped body.

Simply, she doesn’t have a curvaceous figure. Rather, she has somewhat a straight-line figure as of 2015. Previously, she was either of the hourglass, pears or banana shaped body, but over the years her waist area might have filled up.

The infatuating beauty has worked for three TV shows till now including The Real Housewife of Miami. To get detail info onto her professional life, one can get to IMDB’s biography on her.

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