Andre Holland Wiki, Bio, Height, Married or Girlfriend

Ander Holland is an actor who is an American in nationality and is black in ethnicity. He has been popularized through some of his acts in movies and TV shows such as, The News in 2007, Sugar in 2008, Miracle at St Anna in 2008, Last Call in 2008, Us: A Love Story in 2009, Lost & Found in 2009, The Rockford Files in 2010, Small Beautifully Moving Parts in 2011, Nobody’s Nobody in 2012, 42 in 2013, Black or White in 2014, Selma in 2014 and many more TV shows such as Law and Order, The Black Donnellys, Damages, Friends with Benefits, Burn Notice, 1600 Penn and The Knick episodes till date; but has currently been popularized through his acts in 42, Selma and Bride Wars.

Many pictures of him are available on some of the popular web sites such along with some of the social sites such as Instagram and have gained many followers in Twitter and Instagram. Some of his details such as his net worth (salary), his dating directories along with some of his personal details are not yet available.

As currently accounted through the date of birth available on some of the wiki sites and other famous celebrity sites he has currently been estimated to reach his age of 35 years. Many pictures of him are available through some of the popular web sites but there very few pictures of him in a shirtless state are available on any of the popular sites as well.

He is also very popular among some of the famous social site users such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A short biography on him is also available on some of the popular wiki sites such as Wikipedia and IMDb. There are no such details of him available on any of the web sites to be gay or even determine his sexual preference. Neither has there been any info on him getting married to some one to be his wife and nor has there been any info on him dating someone to be his girlfriend. But still he stands tall as one of the talented actors in the industry and still tends to carry on his profession to reach the heights.