Andrea Logan White Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband and Divorce

Logan White is an actress by profession, is an American in nationality and is white in ethnicity.  She grew up in a small town in Illinois, and later on moved to San Diego with her father after she graduated her high school level. She then joined Maria Cost Collage, where she found out her interest in acting. She is a very beautiful woman who has acted in many movies as well as TV shows. She is a very passionate and dedicated actress.

Talking about her personal life there is no info available on her personal life along with some of her vital info such as her age, her height and many more. But there is info available on varieties of wiki sites as well as many celebrity sites about her husband. She married David A.R. White in the year 2003 and together they have 3 children. There has been no news of them having a divorce as they are leading a happily married life till date. Accounting her beauty and her charm there must have been countless men falling for her with a tendency to stay in relationship with her as her boyfriend or dating her.

There are many pictures of her available on many web sites wearing, from a sexy bikini with her smooth legs and her perfectly maintained body measurements exposed to an elegant dress. She has performed and acted in many TV shows as well as many popular movies. A short biography on her is available on some of the popular wiki sites as well as many celebrity sites, but even the most popular web sites tend to miss her vital information. As she tends to keep her personal matters to her self; thus, the media it self has not been able to obtain her full biography yet. But accounting her photos she tends to be above 5 feet in height and has retained her body figure perfectly.

Her net worth hasn’t yet been popularized by the media through any of its branches but accounting her talent and her beauty she must be worth a lot in the industry. She currently stands tall as a public figure in social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.