Andrew VanWyngarden Wiki, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay and Net Worth

Once upon time insanely popular pop music star and the main man of the indie-rock band MGMT, some as “the psychedelic king of pop music un-conventionalism” celebrates Andrew VanWyngarden.  Simply, he is famous for his sexually ambiguous tranquil voice, sinister lyrics and crazy songwriting skills, candid guitar skills, childish-juvenile attitude and sexy looks.

So, would  you like to run around a psychedelic forest with Andrew Vanwyngarden?

If yes, then congrats you are allowed to be in something that has been like a cult since the star of the band. These people have no problem confronting the harsh realities of our world and give their own unique perception to every matter, and that is everything can be answered through love and self-awakening. Matter of fact, one can see this notion in many of the band songs like “Kid”,  “ I just Knew” or “Siberian Breaks”.

Now, moving on to his personal life, the un-natural dj/vocalist is not a married man. He has never gone through any miserable divorce. However, time and again we have been hearing his dating rumors. Unfortunately, nobody knows whether he has a girlfriend or not as of 2015. Previously, we can verify that he dated hot and sexy singer of the synth-pop band Dream Tribes from 2009-2010. Matter of fact, he has always maintained a low-key strategy when it comes to his relationships.

Surely, there is no optimal age of getting marriage. But since he is already 32 (birthday – February 1, 1983), many people believe he should find himself a lovely wife. Perhaps, that will give his downgrading music career a boost. Who knows?

His speculated net worth of around $12 million US dollars speaks of his musical might. Interested in nature, ocean and music since his early days, Andrew is a music graduate from Wesleyan University. Nevertheless, he learned guitar by the age of 7 – a Les Paul (his first Guitar), and he was already used to listening to the likes of The Who, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Phish and many more  by his early teen. Gradually, young high school student Andrew ventured out from being a member of self founded different unique local bands to one of the founders of MGMT after his university days.  

 The other founder of the psychedelic rock band is none other than talented Benjamin Goldwasser, his college mate and now songwriter, occasional singer and keyboard player of the band. It was upon meeting Goldwasser Andrew transformed his natural sciences of Astronomy pursuit to music studies. Andrew initiated the formation of the band and convinced his weed/ mushroom buddy that they should be involved in something big. As of Ben, he originally wanted to make social services his lifelong aspiration.

And because of the closeness and high brotherly love of the two, people always end of speculating that they are a gay couple. However, these sorts of rumors are nothing than mere speculation. Fact fully, we also know that nerdy Ben previously had a girlfriend and he may still.

By ethnicity, he is a white. Moreover, he is a tall man with the height of 5 feet and 10 inches. Plus, he has a build-up nice body. His trademarks are straight-unkempt-wavy hair with bandana/hair band, hippie dress up (while singing) , carefree attitude and  huge tribal like symbol signifying tattoos on his chest that means “real”.

Simply, girls go crazy because of his killer look, which is a perfect combination between hot and cute. Plus, he is identified as someone who has the sweetest personality ever. Moreover, he loves animals and pondering about wrongdoings happening all over the world.  Also, he is into conspiracy and alien theory. Furthermore, he regards very high of his family as they have always supported him.

It is said that the band is coming up with their next project and he has got a perfect place to prepare for it, his dream beach house that he bought back in 2013. The house is located in Rockaway beach (Hipster Hamptons), Queens, New York. The place is regarded as heaven for artist and foodies in summer, and many come to visit the place in the season.

Other wiki on his professional life can be accessed via Wikipedia’s biography him, and his hot shirtless pictures can be accessed via Google search.  Moreover, you can visit MGMT’s official sites to know about the bands upcoming music, tour dates, interview and many more.  Last but not the least, fans can connect to him via social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no real twitter or Instagram account of the juvenile personality and that’s may be because his is more of a nature guy than computer guy. However, he says he downloads illegal music from Ebay. We are so in love with him. Don’t we?