Anna Kooiman Hot, Feet, Legs and Body Measurements

Today, we are talking about none other than North Carolina native and Fox News Journalist Anna Kooiman, who is highly praised by people all over the country for assisting US Marshals in catching an astonishing number of 100 fugitives while she was with WNWO in 2007.

The gorgeous American reporter, in her almost ten years of a journalism career, has worked for many reputed channels like WWAY, WNWO, and WCCB except FOX.

Thanks to her childhood habit of talking a lot, it has made her an expressive and fired up reporter today. 

Although her exact net worth and salary are not available in the media, one can guess her net worth to be in seven figures.

Now, at the age is 32, she is still a single woman. Due to her private nature, the media lacks any information known about her regarding issues like her married status, husband, divorce, boyfriend, dating and romantic affairs.

Given the fact that she has an inverted triangle body shape with good body measurements of 38-25-36 inches, she doesn’t mind showing off a little skin from time to time, especially when she sits on the curvy couch of the talk show Fox and Friends.

She is usually seen wearing short tight dresses and high heels, which often showcases her shapely breasts and legs plus toned thighs. Anyway, she doesn’t even have to wear high heels because she is already a tall woman with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

She has done an excellent job of maintaining her body shape and has got all the traits that a person with the athletic body should have wide shoulders, flat stomach to the wide slim waist and narrow hips.

Furthermore, factors that make her a sexy woman are her hot body, biceps, blonde hair, easy-going personality, and adventurous nature. 

She has been rumored to have gone through breast implants, but she has never talked about the scandal in the media. The story may be true or false or even be some kind of made up hoax. Moreover, it’s true that she has got noteworthy breasts. 

On top of that, she is a fitness instructor certified by AFAA and Turbo Kick. In 2008, she worked as a fitness instructor in Charlotte. She was also a softball player in her high school days. Anna is casual and expressive in nature. 

Last but not the least, she is also known for her thighs pie and multiple leg crosses plus her bare midriff and cleavage showing coverage on Caroline Health and Fitness magazine.

She can also dance, and she can go through intense exercises on top of working in the reporting industry.

One can follow this gorgeous blonde reporter via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to get instant news from her promptly.

Her twitter username is @annakooiman, and her twitter description states:

“FOX NEWS New York, New York”

Now, She is leaving Fox News As stated:

To get more wiki about her professional life, one can consult Wikipedia.