Anne Robinson Wiki, Bio, Husband, Facelift and Net Worth

Anne Josephine Robinson, also known as the The Queen of Mean is an English TV personality, journalist as well as a reporter. She was born on the 26th of September, 1944 and in 2015, her current age is 71 years old. She was born in Crosby, Lancashire, England into a middle class family where her father was a schoolteacher named Adam Robinson and her mother was Anne Josephine, who was a businesswoman. Her mother was from Ireland and was an alcoholic, who spend her time alone and was later caught into depression. Born as the couple’s only children she studied at a private school named Roman Catholic convent boarding school in Hampshire. She started to work as a chicken sales woman and took her family business, which later started selling rabbit meat too. After joining the law firm, she worked there continuously and often went to France in order to spend her holidays with her family. She is a British by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

She is not a very tall woman, but has got a very average height. She measures a 164 cm tall, which is 5 feet and 5 inches; an average height for a woman. She used to be very beautiful during her young days and is still not doing so bad. She is a blonde with an attractive face and small blue eyes as well as thin pair of lips. She is known for her different hair lengths and hairstyles as well as her fashion sense. With a last recorded weight of about 55 kg, she is a slim woman with not a very curvaceous body and isn’t considered particularly hot. She has maintained herself over the course of time and has been exercising regularly to stay fit. In a job that demands her to look presentable and active at all times, she has had rumors to undergone plastic surgery; a minor facelift and Botox operations. Although there aren’t any photos of her in a bikini, she has got many in which she has revealed her legs, feet and cleavage.

Anna hasn’t had a very active dating life, and there aren’t many names that come up when searched about her boyfriends. Having been married on a couple of occasions, she has also been divorced twice and is currently believed to be single. She was first married to journalist Charles Wilson, in 1968 but couldn’t live together for long and separated in 1973. The couple had a daughter together named Emma, who after divorce got to live with her father. Anna, who was an alcoholic, was not safe to take care of her child, and the court gave full custody to her husband with whom he lived with. Then in 1980, she married for the second time to a doctor named John Penrose. The two of them lived together for 17 years and got divorced in 2007, and didn’t have any children. Her relationships couldn’t last long because of her drinking problems, and she has admitted about it in her autobiography.

She has had some health problems but the news got much publicized and ended up reporting her death. She had suffered from skin cancer in 2001, but was diagnosed immediately and underwent a surgery to avoid being dead. She is alive now, and in good health. Having played in many TV shows, she has gained a huge popularity around the world. In order to know more about her personal life, you can read her biography that is available in websites like IMDb and Wikipedia. You can also stay updated with her recent activities by following her on her Twitter account and also check out her pictures in her Instagram page. In 2015, her estimated net worth is about $45 million US dollars. You can also find her quotes as well as interviews in many different sites online.