Audrey Middleton Wiki, Bio, Age, Married, Husband or Boyfriend

Audrey Middleton is an American citizen, and a celebrity who was known after her appearance in the reality TV shows Big Brother in its 17th season.  She is a good looking woman, who might as well be in mid 30s, and it is hard to say her age as her date of birth is not found on the internet. She is believed to have born in Georgia, United States of America into a middle class family, as an only child. She completed her high school education from Georgia, and from her childhood had a deep interest in swimming. She is also believed to have several medals in competitions from her school and besides swimming likes horse riding, reading and travelling. Not much is known about her past life or education, as she was only known after her appearance in “Big Brother”. An American by nationality, she belongs to white ethnicity.

Audrey is not a very tall woman, but she has got an average height. Although her official measurement is not provided, yet she might very well be somewhere between 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet and 8 inches, judging from her appearances and pictures. She seems to have quiet long legs; longer than her upper body that gives the impression that she is a tall woman. She is slim, has got good curves and is a beautiful girl. She has got big round eyes, long brown hair, a bright smiling face and hot pair of lips. She also has got good assets and is considered hot by her fans. Her body measurements are not provided and she doesn’t have any sexy pictures in her bikinis or such, thereby revealing more of her chest, hips or feet.

We don’t have any official information regarding her dating life. It is believed that she hasn’t had a husband till now as she has never been married; and thus nor ever been divorced. She hasn’t had any name that can be linked to her as her boyfriend and doesn’t have any sort children to talk about. Although she had said in an interview that she loves kids and is pretty good with handling them. Due to lack of information regarding her relationships, people thought that she is a lesbian who doesn’t want to talk about it in the media. Bu the truth is that, she is a transgender and has been open about it. Transgender people are those people who don’t have a distinct gender and it doesn’t matches with one’s original sex. As a result, they are free of sexual attraction but can be attractive to other people with distinct sexuality.

Apart from the “Big Brother” season 17, Audrey seems to have no identity of any sort. She hasn’t appeared in any TV shows or any other reality shows, and has not been so publicly involved with her fans. All she has is her Twitter account, where she has more than 10 thousand followers and it seems like she interacts with them time to time. She also has an Instagram account where she posts her pictures or videos and is actively involved in such activity. There is not much written about her life, and her biography isn’t available in Wiki or any other sites. Having earned a lot of fame and name from her only TV appearance, her net worth value is not quiet known to anyone.