Bat for Lashes(Natasha Khan) Wiki, Married, Husband or Boyfriend

She looks like a model with her beautiful face and sexy physique, but she is a singer and a songwriter. She is Natasha Khan, popular in the stage as Bat for Lashes. An English celebrity, with amazing height of 5 feet 6 inches, Natasha was born in London in 1979. This artist was born to Josie and Rahmat Khan and has been celebrating her birthday in the 25th of October since 36 years. With a diverse ethnicity gained from her English mother and Pakistani father, she is like a delicacy enriched with flavors. She attended school and gained her academic qualifications and simultaneously discovered her inclination toward music and instruments. She, thus, joined and graduated from the University of Brighton and studied music and visual arts.

Natasha’s chose her love toward music as her career and made it her profession. Her career in music is accompanied by her album releases such as Fur and Gold, Two Suns, The Haunted Man, etc. Her latest album was released in 2015 that contained covers of various psychedelic and folk songs, these songs are popular and taken from different parts of the world. Followed by the works she has already done, she is most likely to release another album sooner this year. Her works are catchy and especially youth love it for the original and danceable flavor she adds to them.

With the success of the albums she has released and her vocals that is popular in the musical collaboration called Sexwitch, Natasha has been able to gain the total net worth of around $30 million US dollars. That is huge sum of assets and wealth to accumulate, think about the luxury that comes along with it! With her eccentric attitude that is portrayed in her albums and her own designs of costumes which adds to the character has demanded a lot of hard work from her, the career hasn’t been easy for her at all.

Natasha has chosen to not make the topics of her personal life as a thing of discussion among her fans; she likes her fan to know her mostly for her works. Though she has mentioned in some of her interviews about having had a boyfriend back in the days when she even hadn’t joined University, she mentions nothing about her dating and about her being married anywhere. Her fans and followers would certainly want to know who would be her husband and if he will be in the same industry as she is.

Bat for Lashes is active in social networking. Her fans and followers can find her in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Her Instagram has basically helped her to share teasers about her upcoming musical progresses. With 211 posts and more than seventeen thousand followers, she has a really interesting profile in her Instagram. It contains her hot self-portraits and it’s good to believe that the pictures are really amazing. She can really be considered as an inspiration among the youth. Readers can also read her biography in her wikis and her website.