Bella Thorn – From Disney Channel to Onlyfans – Career, net worth, social media and love life

Annabеllа Avеry “Bella Thоrne”, better known as Bella Thоrne, is an American actress, singer, dancer, model, designer, and writer. Her most famous role is that of СеСе Jоnes in the Disney Channel series “Move.” She has acted in over 30 movies and series and over 60 commercials. He also starred in The Wizаrds of Wаvеrlу Plаcе.

She was born in Pеmbrоkе Pinеs, Flоridа, on Octоbеr 8, 1997, with parents Tаmаrа Thоrnе and Delancey Reinaldo “Rеу” Thоrnе.

Bella Thorne’s root have their origin from Italy and Cuba – she is the youngest of four children. The two sisters and a brother also connect their lives with the acting profession. At birth, she was given the name Annabella Avery, which she shortened slightly to a sonorous nickname. The future celebrity was born on October 8, 1997, in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Bella’s mother was a professional photographer, and thanks to her efforts, her daughter, who was already in her early childhood, appeared for the first time on the cover of a popular magazine.

In 2007, trouble broke out in the family, they lost their beloved father and husband. Rеуnаldо Thоrne was crushed to death on a motorcycle. Bella had a hard time surviving this tragedy. Until now, she has remained afraid of cars and the constant reluctance to learn to drive.

At school, the future star had difficulties, she was dyslexic. This disorder manifests itself in difficulty in learning to read or write. Experiencing the ridicule of her classmates, as an adult she actively fought against this problem, acting as an ambassador of the organization for combating bullying (harassment).

Bella really loved to paint, she even thought of becoming an artist, but she won show business.