Ben Harper Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Ben Harper was born as Benjamin Chase “Ben” Harper and is an American multi- musician, singer/songwriter who was born on the 28th of October, 1969 and is currently 46 years of age. He was born to an Afro- American father Leonard and a Jewish mother Ellen Chase-Verdries. After his parents divorced when he was just 5, his mother took him to live with her family, where he grew up learning music as his grandparents had a record store. He, along with is two brothers came across different music genres there and that place inspired him to be who he is today. Ben is a Jew by religion and belongs to black ethnicity.

Ben is a tall man, if not the tallest. He stands over a 184 cm tall, which is a little more than 6 feet, a good height for a man. His last recorded body weight was 78 kg, which is good for someone of his height and built. A skinny guy as a teenager, he has put on adequate amount of weight on his body but in no ways does he look chubby. He has been working out to keep his body in good shape, and it indeed is in good shape, particularly if you look at his very few shirtless pictures that can be seen on his Instagram account. He also has got tattoos on both of his arms, chest, wait and arm too. Regarding his looks, he is considered to be sexy by his fans and has got a cool and decent sense of carrying himself. He has got curly hair, which he keeps short mostly and keeps his beard around his chin, which has been his trademark style.

A good-looking young man, Ben has been in a couple of relationships although his dating list isn’t very long. Having got all the media attention, Ben has also been linked falsely to some names and has later come out with an explanation of the nature of his relationship. With not much girlfriends to talk about, he however has been married and divorced several times. His first wife was Joanna, with whom he got married in 1996. Having been together for 5 years only, the couple had two children: Charles and Harris before their separation in 2001. Then he happened to date actress Laura Dern in 2001 and by 2003, the two of them were married together. Spending about 7 years together at their home in California, the couple had two kids together; Ellery and Jaya. But due to some differences in opinions, the two filed for divorce in 2010 and separated in 2013. As of now, he is living with his third wife, Jaclyn Matfus who happens to be an advocate. The two got married in the 1st of January, 2015 and thus no suspicions of their divorce has come out yet. Those rumors that accused Ben of being sexually gay have been proved wrong not by any official statement, but his living.

Ben is known for his enchanting music, mixing of different genres to bring in new taste and style of music. With his hands being perfect in keyboard and guitar, he mostly generated electric music and collaborated them in forms like jazz, blues, reggae etc. He has recorded many songs and has released 12 albums till date. He has had concerts and tours all around United States and many other countries across different continents. You can view his official website to learn about his next live performance, and also book your tickets online. Apart from his musical career, he has also appeared on screen with roles in different TV shows and also provided music for some. His musical talent has won him awards like: Artist of the Year (2003), Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance (2005), Grammy Award for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album Forever (2005) and Grammy Award for Best Blues Album (2014).

In order to know more about Ben, you can read his biography that can be found in sites like IMDB or Wikipedia, amongst others. You can also view his music or listen to them online, and see his interviews and performances on YouTube. By 2015, Ben has a net worth of $10 million dollars. He has also a Twitter account, where you can stay updated with all his latest activities.