Benny Blanco Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Benny Blanco is an American musician/rapper, record producer and entrepreneur who is known for his work in different genres of music like pop, hip-hop, electronia, pop rock and others. Having worked and composed over 200 songs and music of his own, he is very well known for producing hit records with other musicians and singers like Britney Spears, Wiz Khalifa, Ed Sheeran and a lot of new and talented artists. For his work and achievement, he has been honored and recognized with several prestigious awards like Urban Songwriter of the Year (2013), Songwriter of the Year (2011 and 2012), Hal David Starlight Award (2013) and has been nominated like every year. Benny was born on the 8th of March, 1988 in March 8, 1988 in Reston, Virginia, USA and belongs to white ethnicity.

It sounds kind of odd, when we have to say that despite his fame and popularity in the media and with so much going on around about his personal life, we don’t have the slightest of idea about Benny’s personal life, especially his dating life. Currently in his late 20s, he hasn’t been married yet so that rules out the question about his wife or children. He is currently not believed to be romantically involved with any woman although that is not easy to believe. Some of his fans have also suggested that Benny is sexually gay and has got a boyfriend, rather than a girlfriend. But even there is no confirmation or denial on that subject. He is no the shyest of guys and has got good relations with the press, although there is always a gap when it comes to his romantic affairs.

With a height of over 5 feet and 8 inches which is not very tall for a guy, Benny has got a well maintained body and an athletic physique, which can be seen on his shirtless pictures. He is known for his heavy voice, his smiling face and his thick sets of brown curly hair. He is not very popular in his shirtless pictures although there are a couple of those available on his social media sites. A popular singer and musician in different genres, he has also been writing songs for himself as well as other artists like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Tiao Cruz, Kesha, Rihanna and many others. Working just not as a musician but also as an executive producer and record maker has taken his career to bigger heights and his fame has risen even greater.

In order to listen to all of Benny’s songs, you can find it online on his website as well as buy his records from iTunes, or in stores. Likewise, you can also visit his YouTube channel to view his music videos as well as some interviews. Also, in order to stay updated with all his news, his latest tour dates, venues and tickets; you can visit his official website His fans and admirers have been following him on his official Instagram as well as Twitter account @ItsBennyBlanco where you can find all his latest activities and news. Also, his biography is available in sites like Wikipedia and amongst others. As of now, his estimated net worth value is about 10 million US dollars.