Billy Connolly Wiki, Wife, Dead or Alive and Net Worth

“I think my securities far outweigh my insecurities. I am not nearly as afraid of myself and my imagination as I used to be.” – Billy Connolly

William Connolly, also known as Billy Connolly, was born in 24th of November, 1942 in Anderston, Scotland. He is best known as the stand up comedian. He is a versatile talent who is musician, actor and presentor as well besides comedian.

Billy has worked in many movies and the TV shows which have made him to reach in the height of success. He has been active in this field since 1965 and we can see him working till today for this industry. He is best at observational, musical and blue comedy. Because of his hard work and potentialities, he has been honored from many awards as well. He has achieved the Lifetime Achievement Award in BAFTA and BAFTA Scotland Outstanding Contribution to Television and Film Award.

Though he has already reached the age of 72, young artists can learn him from his hard work and dedication to work even today. In case of movies, he has started his career from “Just Another Saturday” where he played the role of Paddy. He has appeared in many popular and successful TV movies as well. Till now, he has played in more than 50 movies altogether. Lately, he played the role of Dain II Ironfoot in “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”.

He has gained popularity from the discographies and the DVDs release from his side. He can make anyone laugh and because of this reason as well, he has got success in his career. He has the trademark of his long beard as well as long hair. Regarding his marriage, he has got married two times. He first got married to Iris Pressagh in 1969. Their relationship broke with the divorce in 1985. The couple had 2 children at that time. He got married for the second time with his girlfriend, Pamela Stephenson, in 1989. Pamela is also a comedian as well as psychologist. They have 3 children and they are living happily till now. His wife told that both of them know each other very much and that is the success for their relationship.

Billy is a tall guy with the height of 6 feet. He is white by ethnicity and Scottish by nationality. He has the net worth of $142 million, which has also made him one of the richest stands up comedian in the world. He does not bother about the rumors and the controversies about him as he is of gay in nature. He has a large number of followers in twitter and Instagram. He has spent his young life in this field. So, he wants to do more in this field till his death.

Lately, he has been suffering from health issues. You can find his funny videos in the YouTube as well. The most popular ones are “Colonoscopy on Vimeo” and “Dead or Alive”. He has also performed in many tours. You can find his latest tour and buy tickets accordingly as well. You do not want to miss him. You can also find his pictures as well as quotes in the web His full biography is available in Wikipedia.