Burzis Kanga Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife and Ethnicity

Burzis Kanga is usually known as the ex-husband of very popular news anchor Hoda Kotb rather than his own image as a tennis coach. You can read about his life in relation to his ex-wife.

According to Hoda Kotb, Valentine’s Day is not special for her as other couples as she started her relationship with Valentine’s Day and ended it on the same day. 

His profession as a tennis coach did not help him to gain popularity as much as him being Hoda Kotb’s husband did. Today, Kanga is listed in the top list of most searched personality by having numerous searches in different social networking sites.

According to some source, Burzis Kanga is found to be a very hardworking person with passion and dedication in his work. From the very early age, Kanga loved sports and finally pursued his career as a tennis coach. He must have been really dedicated in his work.

As we have said earlier, Burzis Kanga is famous as the ex-husband of multitalented co-host of Today, Hoda Kotb. Kanga has been a former U.N.O tennis coach.

Sometimes marriage changes the fate! Before getting married to Kotb, Kanga was living a normal peaceful life of a coach, away from media and cameras. According to Hoda Kotb’s interview, Hoda revealed that she met her husband on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s know all about their marriage! It was probably a love at first sight. After dating each other, they married in the year 2005. In the same interview, she said that they signed divorce paper on Valentine’s Day.

According to Kanga’s wife interview, she had an excellent relation with her husband and is very thankful to him. She also provides the credit of her success to her husband. Even though they had a good relationship, their separation has created huge issues. Hoda has moved on.

Where is Burzis? As Burzis has entirely disappeared from the cameras and media there have many questions unanswered about their relationship. No any statement from Kanga has created an issue regarding their relation. It seems as if he loved a peaceful and private life.

There exist some rumors saying him to be a gay and some calming him having another girlfriend, which cannot be verified yet.

Secret life:

Burris is a very individual personality who has always been keeping his personal and professional career private. Not even his birthday is revealed, but seeing his images and him, his age must lay between 50-60.

Apart from this, there is no any other information about him and his family provided. He might be living his life earning an incredible salary with fantastic net worth with his wife or to be wife.

Pictures of him are available, and there are many videos of him on YouTube. There are many fake accounts of Burzis in different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

He is of Egyptian ethnicity. Going through his appearance, he was a good-looking man with an average height suiting his personality. One can still find his images in the wiki and Hoda Kotb’s biography.

A video: Hear from Coach Burzis Kanga on the tennis team’s fall season!

Hope one day, Burris himself speaks about his relationship with his ex-wife and the relationship that he is sharing today.