Carel Struycken Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

A man who is seven feet tall has to be famous in some way or the other. But that fame wouldn’t come so easy, one has to be able to use their uniqueness to yield most benefit. He is Carel Struycken we are talking about who is an actor from Netherlands and is popular because of his height itself. A Dutch nationality who follows his ethnicity, Carel was born on the thirtieth of July in the year of 1948 that makes him of the age of sixty seven. His childhood has taught him a lot about making one’s own decision. He and his family moved to an island in the Caribbean; the place taught him compositions of various waltzes. He has moved from Amsterdam to Los Angeles to gain his academic qualifications and also to gain educated about films.

Carel has been found to be very actively working for making a mark in life from the very beginning. He has already lived about seven decades of his life and that has taught him so much about the industry that he is in. He is known by many people as the Giant that people saw in Twin Peaks. His role of Mr. Homn in Star Trek and Lurch in The Addams Family are the roles that people have loved him for. His gigantic height helps him gain more of roles as a comedian and different characters that require good height.

The career of Carel has been found to have climbed a great height of success. It was his dedication and continuous efforts that he puts to improve himself that has helped him to get roles that has the potential to make him known among the people. He never wanted to remain stagnant and thus, even before starting acting, he worked in several projects with various directors and writers. He came to be discovered as an actor from nowhere; actually in the corner of Hollywood and Vine. It’s amazing to travel back in time to remember that a woman left her car in the middle of the road and went calling after Carel to ask him for a movie!

We don’t have information how playful and charming he was in his youth; we also don’t have the list of the women he went out dating. No questions was raised in regards to his sexuality being gay despite of the fact that he was seen with women very less and never with a girlfriend. However, Carel had settled long back when he got married to an American woman who added love of a wife and affection in his life. The woman also gave him his two children who are very precious to Carel. He didn’t have affairs never meant he couldn’t love; the stability in the life of this couple has proven that Carel is a great lover.

Carel doesn’t have much shirtless pictures that people have liked. He has a profile in Twitter but is not found to be very active in there. He doesn’t seem to like to share about himself in the social networks like the young artists want to. The net worth that Carel has accumulated and the experiences that he has gathered are the interesting factors for which fans and followers want to read more about him in his wikis.