Bill Gates and Melinda Gates End Marriage

After 27 years marriage, Bill Gates just tweeted divoice on 05/03/2021: — Bill Gates (@BillGates) May 3, 2021 After Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos devoiced in 2019, The divorce is the second high-profile split among Seattle’s rich and powerful tech leaders in recent years.  And MacKenzie just married a high […]


As many would know, being a celebrity means they have high-paying jobs. They have millions of net worth that could allow them to have all the luxurious things. Thanks to their undeniable talent and excellent money management skills, they were able to build their dream house. Not only that, but […]

Fun Facts about Cats that are fascinating

The enemy of recognition of great stuff around us is familiarity. You think you know cats? Do you might have to reevaluate your knowledge after reading this piece about the most popular pet in the United States. Long-term friends of man Interestingly, cats have been in contact with humans for […]