Celebrities have to live with serious diseases

We all imagine life as a celebrity pretty perfect – but there are also things you can not buy from any money in the world. For example, his health. Because just like us “normal mortals”, there are many sufferers of rare, chronic and serious diseases in the world of the stars.

Many diseases are not immediately apparent externally. So we see the greatest actors, musicians and entertainers on the Red Carpets of the World beaming and would never suspect that some of these Hollywood starlets are having a hard time behind closed doors.

For example, did you know that Jimmy Kimmel, the presenter of a late-night talk show, is affected by a sleep disorder? Or that rapper Lil Wayne had to cancel concerts or full tours because of epileptic seizures? Or that actress Sarah Hyland already has two kidney transplants behind her?

We’ll tell you which stars also talk publicly about their serious illnesses. Keep reading to check them out.