Celebrities who died were performing

Death is never a pleasant occurrence. It gets worse when you watch people you love die right before your eyes. Unfortunately, there have been celebrities who suffered the painful fang of death while performing on stage. Some of them are discussed here.

Oliver Reed

The actor died on set. His part in the movie, Gladiator, had to be completed by using a dummy and computer-generated image by the movie director.

Ty Longley

He got engulfed in a fire accident that claimed 100 lives while performing in the Station Night Club in 2003. He was a top-notch guitarist.

Lee Morgan

The legendary trumpet player was murdered by someone who was meant to protect and care for him, his wife. She shot him at the Slug’s Saloon during a break between sets.

Steve Irvin

The actor died while filming parts of Bindi the Jungle Girl in 2006. His death was as a result of an attack that involved the use of Stingray.

John Candy

This was another actor who died while on set. He met his death while filming Wagons East in Mexico. He died as a result of a heart attack suffered while on location.

Brandon Lee

The actor was a victim of an unfortunate accident on set. He was supposed to be shot with a blank, but was shot with a gun that had a bullet loaded in the barrel! He was shot in the stomach and all attempt to rescue him was not sufficient.