Chelsea Houska Wiki, Bio, Hair, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

As of May 5, 2015, the 23 years old itsy-bitsy beauty Chelsea Houska has 1.44 million Twitter followers where as the 110 years old world famous Football club/ current Premier League Champion has 5.67 million.

Well, we are not in any way conning the champions, as the number of Twitter followers is directly dependent on the total number of people using Twitter. However, this comparison has everything to do with the young mother and her stardom.

Her name now comes in the list of online notabilities. So, what’s exactly her reputation? You may be wondering.

Almost around 5-6 years ago, she said hi to the world as one of the 2nd season cast of 16 and pregnant. She was then shown juggling the demands of an unstable relationship, innocent newborn and demanding high school studies.

A high school student who confronted an unlooked-for pregnancy, spoiled daughter teen Chelsea continually struggled to bring her life to a stable phase post pregnancy. Her baby dad Adam Lind firstly refused to support her decision to give birth. But, eventually, he had to support his girlfriend. Their daughter Aubree was born on Sept. 7, 2009.

Their pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy hardships and dramas are all covered in the two shows namely 16 and pregnant and Teen Moms 2.

As of 2015, the reality-tv star of American nationality is enjoying the life that many women will certainly dream of. She has an impressive net worth of around 1 million US dollars, and not only that; she is so in love with her current boyfriend Cole Denoyer – who is a business graduate and currently works in South Dakota as a traffic control officer.

It is said that they met for the first time in August of 2014 at a gas station, but only bonded after another unexpected meeting. Also, we recently have been hearing that their planned out engagement is getting closer and closer. Nevertheless, she is also really enjoying her 4-bedroom South Dakota home that she bought in the year 2014.  

Also, some milestones Chelsea has achieved since leaving Lind is that she is a proud GED holder and a certified esthetician.

Another wiki on her professional and personal life can be accessed via various sources over the media and Teen Moms 2 Wikipedia short biography on her would also be insightful. If you are wondering about her official site, then we can confirm that it’s already shut down.

The web developer shut it down in 2012 stating Chelsea didn’t pay the company its allowances.  At that time, Chelsea found herself in constant financial troubles. Adam was busy going and coming out of jails and many of the times she bailed him out.

Surely, it was her wealthy dentist father Randi Houski who supported her wholeheartedly in those hard times.  

So we guess, it’s a happy ending story for the Houski family. She now loves her job, her boyfriend, her new pet- a piglet, her new house and many things that she couldn’t enjoy earlier. She is now a happy mom who can raise her daughter happily.

Even the court is with her. The court is convinced that Chelsea and Cole would really be perfect parents for the child.

Now, moving on to her personal configuration and physical sex appeal, she has got a fit banana shaped body with high sex appeal.

Previously, she was an over-weighed person. But back in 2014 when she first released her first slim bikini picture via Instagram, it made us think that she was going through some sort of dieting and workout plans.  

After that many hot pictures of the reality tv/ esthetician followed. And later it was revealed that she regularly does various workout programs (three days of cross fitting and two days of kickboxing per week including regular gym activities), and she only eats high protein-low carb foods.

Also, she has achieved such hard to achieve result with the help of MaxPro dietary supplements combined with strategies mentioned above.

Anyway, she is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet ad 3 inches, but she surely is a hot woman with a fit body, down-to-earth attitude, well-maintained hair and sexy-shapely legs.  By ethnicity, she is a white.

Nesting is in fullllll effect!!!

Aubs and her new horse, Sparkles!

Aubs and her new horse, Sparkles! ???

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The silver lining to the story is that everything is looking good for the TV shows star despite her troublesome past. And that’s because she has stayed positive and work hard.

And, Yes! We love her skull tattoo on her left hand. Furthermore, there are no any other dating, lesbian or tattoos rumors about her on the media.