Christopher Mintz-Plasse Wiki, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay and Net Worth

Interested in acting since his childhood, Christopher Mintz Plasse, an American actor, music video artist, voice-star and musician, has been quite a famous name in Hollywood not because he is a extremely good looking guy or he is friends with high profile people.

It hasn’t been much since he has been popular. In fact, it was 2007 when he impressed a larger audience with his debut role of virginal nerd Forgell in teen comedy Superbad.

Born on June 20, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, Christopher was probably 18 and a high school senior when super-bad happened.

He was selected by the likes of Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow for the role because they saw a favorable nerd in him and other than that, he was their high school senior who looked like a 13 year old. 

Plus, he was selected for Superbad even he was with no official acting background other than elementary, middle, school and high school drama project participation previously.

Now fast-forwarding to 2015, his most notable on-screen credentials are Augie Farcques (Role Models, 2008), Chris D’Amico/RedMist (Super Bad, 2010), Chris D’Amico/The Motherfucker (Superbad, 2014), Scoonie (Neighbors, 2014).

Moreover, he has also made a good reputation in animation movies voicing characters such as FIshlegs Ingerman in How to Train your Dragon, Alvin in Paranorman, Fishlegs Ingerman and  How to Train Your Dragon 2. And in television, he is known for his role as Fishlegs Ingerman (voice) in DreamWorksDragons.  

 Talking about his relationship status (wife, girlfriend, gay or affairs), he is not married. And, we haven’t heard any of his dating stories till now. Of course, many people may have wished Christopher Mintz dating his Kickass co-star Chole Martz to turn to a reality seeing their awesome off-screen chemistry. However, they are just friends and Chole has been recently rumored to be dating David Beckham’s 16 year old son. 

Anyway, he is not a gay as well, as he has never said that he is one. Ok, it’s true that he made a grayish video for funnyordie with Dave (Franco), but that doesn’t mean he is a gay.

Now moving on to his physical configuration, he is a slender man and has an average height of 5 feet and 8 inches. As of 2015, his age is 26 years, and as we can see, he has certainly gained some weight as compared to previous years.  Indeed, it looks like he goes to gym. And from what we have heard, he is pretty decent at sports as well. Oh, you should look his Superbad scenes or shirtless pictures to find out that he then looked like an angel.   

From a little dig-up, we have arrived to the conclusion that his net worth may lies in the range of 8 million to 15 million US dollars.

Less people know that he is in a band Bear on Fire (writer and drummer). Previously, he was associated with Young Raspscallions for 8 years. Nevertheless, his new on-screen projects (movies or TV shows) such as Neighbors 2, Trolls and Get a Job are highly anticipated.  

Furthermore, he is raised Catholic by his school counselor father and mailman father. Last but not the least, he is of mixed ethnicity (Polish, French-Canadian and Irish Descent from father and Jewish heritage from mother).

 Keep connected to our site to get more wiki on him. Fans can connect him on his social networking sites such as Twitter(180k followers) and Instagram (145k followers). His Twitter tweet name is @MintzPlasse and his twitter description is given as:

“Making movies. Making [email protected] @bearonfiremusic… Joined February 2009″