Clay Honeycutt Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

Clay Honecutt is an American citizen, and a sportsman who is best known for his participation in the reality TV show “Big Brother”. He was born in 1992 and in 2015, is current age is 23 years old. He was born in Dickinson, Texas, United States of America in a simple family, where his mother raised him after the untimely departure of his father. Born as the second child, his childhood was not as smooth as it should have been, but under the circumstances he was educated and graduated from the Texas A&M. He was a good sportsman, and played football for his school and college, as a quarterback. He participated in many major tournaments but towards the end of college had to drop out following a pulled muscle that ended his career as a player. An American by nationality, Clay belongs to white ethnicity.

Clay has got a good height, and he measures about 187 cm tall, which is about 6 feet and 2 inches in height. Being a football quarterback, he is required to have a well-built physique, and for that has worked out regularly at the gym. Clay is also very conscious regarding his health and apart from exercising, also gives much attention into his eating and proper resting habits. He has got a very well shaped physique, and there are many shirtless pictures of his on the media where he has revealed himself. His last recorded body weight was about 94 kg, which is very good for someone of his built. He doesn’t have any tattoos on his body, as we can see on those half naked pictures of his. He has also done some modeling back in Texas, before coming to “Big brother” and you can find related information about that in his Facebook page.

A handsome young man, Clay has impressed everyone with his performance on the pitch as well as on TV. But maybe he hasn’t been able to impress a girl till now, as his dating life is not as great as expected. There is no information regarding his affairs, and it seems like he hasn’t had any girlfriend till now. As a result, he has been accused of being sexually gay; and as that accusation has not been addressed positively or negatively, the suspicions keep on growing. At just 23, he has not been married and has got neither wife nor any children. The tabloids are expected to find some answers regarding his relationship with at least one woman.

Having appeared in Big Brother, season 17; Clay had put a performance of a hard working young man, and was appreciated by the viewers. He made many fans from his presentation on that show, and certainly has made fans both inside and outside the US. As a result, his fan following on Twitter and Instagram have grown rapidly and he has become something of a celebrity. Fame and recognition follow him everywhere he goes, and maybe he’ll now find a girlfriend very soon. Although not much is written about his biography in Wikipedia or any other sites, you can find relative information about his “Big Brother” days. You might expect to see him in some other TV shows soon. The media does not know his official net worth figure.