Cole Sprouse Girlfriend, Dating, Gay, Shirtless and Net Worth

“When I think about our careers, I don’t really look at it as fame and fortune; I look at it as fun. I’d rather have a good time on set, have fun and mess around. And I love fans.”

Cole Sprouse is an American actor who was born on 4th of August, 1992 in Arezzo, Tuscany. Though he does not speak Italian, his parents are from Italy.

He has been in this field from the age of 1 year. He has a twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, who is also an actor. They are known as the Sprouse Bros in the industry. Cole had a dream to become a successful actor in the future.

He started his career from the hit TV series “Grace under Fire” when he was only 6 months old. Both the brothers have the uniqueness of presenting themselves.

They played the role of Patrick Kelly from 1993 to 1998. Then, Cole got chance to play in yet another successful TV series “Friends” as Ben Keller.

In 2005, he got an opportunity to work on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” where he played the role of Cody Martin. He has also appeared in the same character in “The Suite Life on Deck”, “Wizards of Waverly Place”, “Hannah Montana” and “I’m in the Band”.

He has appeared in many TV shows as well as movies, but he has got a lot of success with the TV series.

He made his debut in the movies from “The Astronaut’s Wife” in 1999 as twin with his brother. In 2001, he got the chance to play in “Diary of a Sex Addict”, “The Master of Disguise” and “Eight Crazy Nights”.

In most of the movies, both the brothers have played the same role as well as different ones. In 2011, he played the role of Cody Martin in “The Suite Life Movie” which is the production of Disney Channel.

Till this time, Cole as well as Dylan has been very popular among the youngster. They are said to be the richest children actors in the world with the net worth of $16 million dollars.

Because of his hard work and the talent, he has been nominated ion many prestigious awards alongside with his brother. He was nominated for Young Star Awards for the Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Comedy Film from “Big Daddy”.

From this movie, he was also nominated for MTV Movie Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and Young Artist Awards. His successful TV series is “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” from which also he was nominated for many awards such as Kids’ Choice Award and Popstar Magazine’s Poptastic Award.

He is a tall handsome guy with the height of 5 feet 11 inch and has the weight of 69 kg. His shirtless pictures are available on the web and they are very popular in the social networking sites.

Because of his gay nature, he does not care about anything around him. He has time and again come in the news because of his different hair styles.

There are many rumors about his personal life such as dating and girlfriends. But he has not approved of any of them.

He has recently joined the New York University and has already finished his college. If you are also his fan, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter as well as on Instagram.

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It was an ancient that argued first: love was the purest path to higher consciousness. It started with the appreciation of form, an attraction to flesh and curve. That hunger drove the ancient to taste all of flesh’s difference, variability in form and similarity in difference. Satisfied, flesh then lost its taste, and the ancient lover moved to an appreciation of something deeper, more abstract. Soon a thirst for qualities like wit and wisdom, patience and fury, dignity and grace, came to the lover. And so the ancient drank until they knew all about those most valuable traits, soon learning which tasted sweetest. And then they stood, realizing exactly what they favored most, and so cultivated it within their own breast. From first hunger came thirst and from thirst came taste and from taste came self improvement. And the lover knew higher consciousness, and because of them, so do we. @sashafro

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