Connie Booth Wiki, Married, Husband, Divorced and Net Worth

Beautiful in her youth and the beauty still remains in the works she has done! It is Connie Booth who was born as Constance Booth on the thirty first of January in the year of 1944, that makes her the sexy looking women aged seventy two. She was born in Indiana and as an American nationality follows her ethnicity with pride. She is an actress and a well-known Psychotherapist, comedian and writer. People have loved her in every form! She was born in a well-to-do family and was raised in bliss. Her father who worked as a stock broker had been married to her mother who was an actress. She must have got her inspiration to become an actress from her mother!

Choosing a career of acting must have been difficult for Connie after all she had only been working as a waitress when she was taking Broadway study along with that. Connie is most popular among the viewers as Polly Sherman, a role she portrayed in the television show called Fawlty Towers. She is found remarkably popular in the British television and a little less in American channels. We can find her in various episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, How To Irritate People. We can also find her appearing in various short films like that in Romance with a Double Bass. Her roles in movies were very crisp and Connie played it very well.

Connie’s net worth can be estimated to have reached to $2 million or more. That amount of wealth must certainly not have been accumulated so easily. Her hard work and dedication in making a name and fame for herself is a drive that helped her to work with all her heart. She has the passion to improve and that can be seen as her performance was found to be excelling in each role she got, one after another. Dickens of London, Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Buccaneers, etc. are those television shows that have made her popular and loved. Connie was well aware that acting was not the only thing that she could, she found that she had to end acting and do something else. She studied and achieved the license of British Psychoanalytic Council and began a career of a psychotherapist; the choice wasn’t bad.

Things in Connie’s life were not very smooth as in everybody’s. She met men of different kind and height and established relationship with them and not all lasted. It was in 1968 when she married John Cleese; John and Connie have worked together for a long time. The marriage had to end after ten years and it gave them both a daughter called Cynthia. They both love their children. Even after the divorce, these artists remain as good friends to each other. Later on, Booth found John Lahr as her boyfriend and went out dating to finally get married. They live as a husband and wife in north London. Fans and followers would be disappointed to not find her in Twitter and many other social networking. But they can always read about her in her wikis.