Connie Nielsen Wiki, Married, Husband, Divorced and Boyfriend

She is a marvelous actress and soon she will be termed as a legend. Her ecstasy and legacy will live long and her fans will always be thankful to her for what she has given to the industry. In the beginning of her career, she struggled a bit but once she started getting the perfect roles, there was no turning back for her. She appeared in a movie called Gladiator in the year 2000 and her sensational work in the movie won millions of hearts all over the world. Her work in a movie called The Devil’s Advocate back in the year 1997 was surreal as well. For her jaw dropping work in Gladiator she won the very prestigious Empire Award for the category of Best Actress. She was also nominated for the huge Blockbuster Entertainment Award for the category of Favorite Supporting Actress for the very same role. Her work in a very popular TV series called The Following has been amazing as well. She is none other than the very respectful Connie Nielsen.

She was born in the year 1965 on 3rd of July and this makes her age 50 at this time. She was born in a place called Frederikshavn, which lies in Denmark. As she was born in Denmark her nationality is obviously Danish. She has siblings too and their names are Bent Nielsel, Ulrish Nielsen and the last one is Sos Nielsen. There are several popular wiki sites that contain information on her and her biography.

Her personal life has however not been perfect though. She was dating her boyfriend and partner Lars Ulrich from the year 2004 to the year 2012. The couple split but it was not a divorce, as they were not married. She might have had plans to get married and live happily as husband and wife but sadly it was all over. She has children though and their names are Sebastian Sartor and Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen and they mean a lot to her. She might have plans to move on again if she meets the person of her dreams.

She is a very tall woman as she has a fantastic height of 5 feet 10 inches. When she was young she used to look red hot in a bikini while showing off her sexy legs and hot feet and still she has not lost her charm a bit. She has the perfect body measurements and it gives her an alluring body. She has been very successful in her career and this has given her great earnings and a wonderful net worth. According to some sources, she has a jaw dropping net worth of 8 million dollars and this proves how successful she has been.

It does not seem like she is active in popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram. This also means she is not much fond of uploading her pictures in these sites to share them with her fans and loved ones. However, it would be great if she uses these sites as it keeps fans and artists bonded.