Courtney Love Husband, Divorce, Plastic Surgery and Net Worth

One of the most decorated and God gifted people in the history of American Musical History is known as Courtney Love.

Born on July 9, 1964, in San Francisco California, she is the daughter of Linda Carroll and Hank Harrison. Courtney has been the most popular lady singer in the early 19’s and 20’s with her rock band and solo albums.

She is a singer, songwriter, musician, actress and visual artist. Her popularity increased day by day with her band “Hole” and her live performances were breathtaking.  She can also fluently play guitar, bass and electronic keyboard which is an asset for the band. 

Apart from her musical success, she has gained other major success in acting. Also, her films did well in the market and also awarded her. Her solo album in 2012 hit charts once again and brought her back into the mainstream after a long period. Her songs and videos can be easily viewed on YouTube.

Courtney began her musical career from the year 1982 and performed in many small bands before she was the member of Hole. Her personal life has lots of ups and downs.

In 1989 she was married to James Moreland, but their marriage resembled a part of the movie and got a divorce after two years.

After Hole was established in 1989, she was found dating her own band member, and during this period her affairs with Billy Corgan was all over the news.

Besides all these events her real life romance was with Kurt Cobain, they met in a bar at Poland and started dating than after. Their relationship has been all around the world, and Cobain’s assistant also verified it.

Cobain has been her last boyfriend and wanted to make him husband.Courtney gave birth to a daughter who is her only children from Cobain.

After Cobain had committed suicide, she was hated all around the world by the Cobain fan’s, and she started to follow Buddhism.

At her very young age, she decided to sing and write a song. She went to Newzealand with her mother and could not concentrate on her studies. Her only desire was to sing and write various songs.

Her genres are Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Noisy Rock and others. At the age of 52, she still looks beautiful and bold.

She stands tall with 5 feet 8-inch height, and she has done plastic surgery to look attractive. Her drugs abuse caused her to perform plastic surgery, and now she is believed to be drugs’ free.

Many journalists publish their article and address Courtney as a hot singer

Her professional life has been more successful than her personal life. Her regular concerts and movies have helped her to maintain her status. Her concert value and movie pay has not been revealed yet.

Her net worth is estimated to approx. $150 million which is huge and unbelievable. Her musical journey has brought her name and fame. She currently lives with her daughter in San Francisco and owns a luxurious home with some open spaces around her house.

She is also believed to love luxury vehicles and also possess some world class sports cars and sedan. Courtney nowadays is promoting her solo album and is also found performing with her band Hole.

Meanwhile, she is currently engaged in many social awareness programs and also in a national campaign.

She has also been providing awareness about sexual harassment and has been donating money for the victims of AIDS and other dangerous diseases.

She is also socially active and is found using Twitter and Instagram.Her other vital information’s can be easily found on Wiki and IMDb. Meanwhile, her biography can be found on Wikipedia.