Dan Donegan Wiki, Bio, Married, Girlfriend or Gay

An American musician and guitarist Dan Donegan is one of the most talented guitarist and musician for heavy metal band Diasturbed born on 1st August 1968. Donegan has played with many bands and is able to establish himself as professional musician guitarist and is able to give many hit songs. As a teenager, he ultimately created a ’80s-style hair band called Vandal. He also played guitar in the band Loudmouth with some of the members of Vandal. Donegan was also included in the list of “Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time” on a popular guitar show “Chop Shop’s” where he was ranked at number 76.

Donegan has his own Technique and style a she is a self-taught guitarist. He uses two handed and one handed tapping in many of his solos with hammer-ons, legatos and pull offs. Similarly he is found using “flick off” technique, which can be seen in his solo for the song “Indestructible”. His profound sweep picking and riffs are seen in many music videos. Similarly he is very good at combining finger tapping and arpeggios with many other techniques. Donegan is best known for his shredding, which can be seen in some songs. He also played an Ibanez Iceman amplified throughout a Peavey Ultra 120 head with Peavey 4×12 cabinets while playing with Loudmouth. Then, in the mean time, he started playing a few Paul Reed Smith models. In the year 2010, Dan made a signature guitar with Schecter guitars based on the ultra classic model. He is a fan of GHS Boomer guitar strings and uses the 12-52-gauge set and also uses Seymour Duncan pickups in his guitars. Currently, he uses Schecter Guitars.

Forty seven year old Dan Donegan has a very good-looking personality with a wonderful height that suits his personality very well. He is six feet and two inches tall. Talking about his relationship status, he is married his long time girlfriend Nicole. Talking about his children, he has a son named Justin and a daughter named Maya. Currently he is happily living with his wife and kids and is unlikely to get divorce. As he is married so, we cannot entitle him as a gay.

This talented guitarist has an estimated net worth of $25 million dollars. He earned his net worth by his improvisational playing and techniques and is able to grab the attention of the people and their love. His earnings show how successful he has been in his career as a guitarist and musician. This can be clearly seen through the huge fan following in his social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. He has 24 K followers only in twitter where he has never let down his fan’s expectation. He frequently tweets and uploads his pictures and videos for his followers. His shirtless pictures still make his fans go crazy. Dan has long way to go as a successful guitarist with his talent and blessings of his well-wishers. More about Dan Donegan and his amazing biography can be found in wiki.