Dannielynn Birkhead Wiki, Bio, Eyes, Parents and Net Worth

Heart of her father Larry Birkhead , 9-year-old saccharine beauty Dannielynn Birkhead looks just like her mom, blonde, beautiful and confident, and don’t  forget her expressive blue eyes.

Her mom is no other than 1990’s famous Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. Sadly, Anna Nicole is no longer with us. She passed away on February 8, 2007 because of “combined drug intoxication”.  It was surely a surprise death as the sleeping medication chloral hydrate, which was identified, as the major component resulting her death- is a legal drug.

Anyway, Dannielynn age was not even 1 year when Nicole died. After the death of his mother, so many people came forward to claim her fatherhood. The case went to a court, and ultimately, DNA test results established that entertainment photographer Larry Birkhead is her father. Other people to claim were Anna’s former bodyguard Alexander Denk, Anna’s lawyer Howard K Stern, Anna’s former boyfriend Mark Hatten, and popular American socialite Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt.

However, the court battle was only between Stern an Larry. Although it was proved that Larry was the father of the child, the court couldn’t assign final custody to anyone.

Now, fast forwarding to 2015, it looks like she is happy to be staying with her father Larry. Surely, in the past we have heard so much about Dannielynn wondering about her death mother, and we have also heard a lot about the young blonde praising her dad.  

And, in the past we have also heard so much about her mother wealth. Surely, she will be given full access to her mother wealth when she reaches capable age as per as the country inheritance law. Till then, she is capable of earning money by her.  In 2012, Dannielynn starred in Guess Kids ads as a model. The modeling debut for the young blonde was an opportunity to model for a company where her mother earned name in the past.

Unfortunately, her exact height is not known. But, if you still want to know how tall she is, then you can check out her recent pictures with her father. We are guessing that the kid-sensation of American nationality is about 5 feet and 3 inches tall.  Talking about her ethnicity, she derives English, Scottish, French, and American ancestry from her family (Father and mother). In short, we can say that her ethnicity is white (derived from her parents).

You can count on us to get more wiki about her in coming future.  Anyway, she probably doesn’t have her own Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts, but still you can follow her dad on some of these sites to get info on her.

We hope that Larry will keep up the good work of being an awesome father to lovely Dannielynn. Truly, he has proved that he is a responsible dad. In many of public interviews, he has clearly mentioned that he will be spending time with his daughter rather than enjoying someplace else or even dating. And, over and above that, he never hired a nanny. 

Hypothetically, there is a good chance that the Daddy’s gal will be joining the entertainment industry in the future. But for now, she has not taken any TV shows or movies. Plus, Daady wants his one and only daughter to live normal life as a kid, and understand the world. Surely, it hard being a parent, and in Larry case he is one-man-army. 

Last but not the least, it true that Dannielynn has had gone through two eye surgeries in the past to correct strabismus, a well-known medical condition that causes one to be cross-eyed. Eye surgery at such young age, she must be brave.