Darcy Rose Byrnes Boyfriend, Dating, Songs and Net Worth

Darcy Rose is a super talented teenager who has already made a name for herself at a very early age. Darcy Rose Byrnes was born in the year 1998 on 4th of November which makes her 16 years old at the current moment.

At such an early age Darcy has already achieved success and heights which many other people much older than her age dream of. She was born in a place called Burbank which is located in California of United States.

Her parents are C. J. Byrnes, and Cathy D’Arcy and both of them are good actors. She is still very young and not very tall as her height is just 1.55 meters which are 5 feet 1 inch but when she grows older her height will increase. A lot of information on this teenage sensation is available in wiki sites like Wikipedia.

Darcy is a super talented girl, and she is not good in acting only. She is a great songwriter and has already written a lot of songs. She also knows how to play musical instruments like guitar and piano.

She took up acting at the very early age of 3, and she has transformed into one of the best consistent teenage actors in Hollywood. She is still very young, and it is not an appropriate age for her to start dating and having an affair.

She understands it too, therefore, she is single at the moment and does not have any boyfriend. She is a cute girl with a million dollar face.

In near future when she grows older she will turn into a hot girl and will have a great figure with perfect body measurements. At such an early age of 16, she has great legs which will look sexy in a bikini.

Darcy has been very successful in her career, and her net worth which is in millions proves it. She has earned love, appreciation, and money and she is always thriving for more.

She is very popular on social networking sites as she uses Facebook and Twitter often. She shares her pictures with her fans via Instagram, and her fans cannot stop adoring her. She is a darling of the audiences, and she carries her smile with her everywhere she goes.

She has appeared in a lot of movies already such as The Sparky Chronicles: The Map and 1/4life. She played the role of Jennifer in a movie called The Land of the Astronauts in the year 2010.

She played the role of Rebecca Knepp in the movie called Amish Grace in the same year. She appeared in a television film called Shark Sward in which she was playing a character named Heather. She has given her voice for the character Princess Amber in Sofia the First in the year 2013. She also gave her voice for the character Ikki in The Legend of Korra from the year 2012 to 2014.

She has appeared on TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and Cold Case. She has done great roles in Without a Trace in the year 2005 and The Young and the Restless in the year 2003 to 2008. Other TV series to her credits are Desperate Housewives, Medium and House which are all very popular shows.

She has won the award for Best Young Artist Award three times for her outstanding work in The Young and the Restless. This is only the beginning for this super talented and sensational girl and more is yet to come.