David Zepeda Wiki, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

David Zepeda is a Mexican singer, a model and an actor of movies as well as TV shows. Besides, he is also a law graduate and an attorney although he practices it more on the screen than on a court of law. Born as the youngest of four children on the 19th of September, 1973 in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico; he was raised in a well to do family and had a decent childhood with his siblings. He was good in school and was on his way to becoming a lawyer as he studied law at University of Sonora and also had a side by side education for acting at Actoral Training Center TV Azteca. He grew to fame right on the start of new millennium, when he stood second in the Manhunt International Competition in Singapore. A Mexican by nationality, he has got mixed South American ethnicity from Argentina and Puerto Rico. To find out more about his life or career, you can read his biography in sites like Wikipedia.

As much as he is known for his acting, his talent and his success as an actor; David is equally popular for his charm, his charisma and his sex appeal. In a survey conducted amongst his female admirers in Mexico, 96 percent of them said that they find David very hot and appealing. And it surely looks that way; especially when you look at the many shirtless pictures that he has got on the media. With the good looks, beautiful face and admirable personality, he is a guy that’d impress you with his smartness and his confidence. With his height of almost 6 feet tall; he has got a well-built body and his last recorded body weight was about 80 kg. From what we have seen in those shirtless pictures of his, he has got a very impressive, well-built body but has not got any tattoos on it.

There is not much information with the media, regarding the personal life and dating affairs of David, which is kind of odd considering the potential of him. With his handsome physique and attractive personality, I am sure there are many women who would love to become his girlfriend or wife too. He has got it all; charm, fame, wealth; he is still young and he could make any girl happy. But maybe he himself is not ready yet for commitment, or to get married so soon although he is near to his mid-40s. With not many names in his list of girlfriends, we have found one and it looks like these two have been dating for quite some time now. David seems to be dating actress Lina Radwan, and the two of them seem to be having an affair since 2010, which is still going on. With all the false claims and rumors about him being sexually gay, they can all be dropped for good.

Starting his acting career from soap operas, David rose on the grand stage after travelling to the United States. There, he started to get roles in TV shows and operas, building his way gradually into films. He also worked as a model, for different companies, magazines and advertisements, which played a handful role in his rise to fame. Currently, he has earned a lot of fame, fans and net worth with all the success that has been his; through his dedication and hard work. With fans in different parts of the world, you can stay in touch with him on his social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.