Dylan McDermott Gay, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating and Shirtless

Dylan McDermott was born as Mark Anthony McDermott on the 26th of October, 1961 (his current age is 55 years old) in Waterbury, Connecticut, United States of America.

He was born as the son to a young couple named Diane and Richard McDermott. At the time of his birth, his mother was 15, and his father was 17.

When he was just five years old, his parents had divorced and thus Dylan and his sister lived with their mother at their grandparent’s house.

In the February of 1967, his mother Diane was killed, and the case was called an accident. But later investigations showed it could have been a murder and the fingers were raised towards a John Sponza, who had been known to be acquainted with Diane.

Brought up by his grandmother, Dylan often visited his father in New York after his mother was gone. He’d spend time at his father’s bar, serving drinks to customers and the two would often go out to spend some time together, watching movies and such.

After going to Holy Cross High School, he found an interest in acting and thus joined the school’s drama team. He was also inspired into acting by his step mom Eve Ensler, who was a writer.

After adopting Dylan, she remained close to him and even encouraged his acting by writing plays and roles for his part.

He took professional education at Fordham University but also took acting lessons at Neighborhood Playhouse. Born as an American citizen, he belongs to a white ethnicity.

Dylan is a handsome looking man, who has a well-built physique. He has a good height and stands an 183 cm tall, which is about 6 feet and a couple of inches.

His last recorded weight was 94 kg, which is good for someone his height. He is a very fit man and works out at the gym, which he has been doing for some time now.

In a job that demands him to be fit and looks presentable, he has carried himself out properly till date. He is very conscious about his health and other factors too like food, rest, and sleep.

Throughout his busy schedule, he always manages time for his fitness. Dylan is also an adventurer and likes to go out on long rides and enjoys sports and traveling too.

He doesn’t seem to have a body tattoo in those shirtless pictures that he has on the internet. He has also revealed his body on many occasions, and you can see pictures of his on his official Instagram account.

Dylan had been dating his girlfriend actress Shiva Rose from 1994. A year later, the couple planned to get married and wedded on a November of 1995.

He and his wife have two children together, both being girls named: Colette and Charlotte. But things went roughly in their wild ride, and thus they separated in 2007.

A couple of years later, they got divorced and are not in touch these days. He is not sexually gay. Dylan is currently single and hasn’t been involved in any romantic affairs that we know of. Dylan doesn’t have a brother.

He has played in some movies and TV shows, and his work rate and talent is admired by many.

He has earned lots of name and fame through his work, and his fans show their love and support towards him by following him on his social media accounts of Facebook and Twitter.

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In honor of all who have served…

To know more about his life and career, you can read his biography on sites like Wikipedia or IMDB. In 2014, his estimated net worth was 15 million US dollar.