Easy ways to declutter your home

The less is more. Though many people struggle to believe it, but it is true. Taking out the things you don’t need from your home gives you the much-needed breathing space and improved physical and mental health. Below are easy methods to declutter your home and improve your life:

One item daily

An easy way to declutter your home is to give away one item daily. Check your room and identify an item you have not used for a while and give it away daily.

Four boxes technique

Label four boxes “sell”, “relocate”, “dispose”, and “donate”. Go through the room you want to declutter and put an identified item into the appropriate box.

Declutter by category

This method is a little demanding, but worthwhile. You will first categorize all your belongings. This implies that all your clothes will be in the same place, your utensils in the same place, and so on. Take off items you realize are no longer needed from each category.

20/20 just in case rule

This method involves some level of critical thinking. Evaluate the items in your house and do way with the ones that you can replace with $20 within twenty minutes. Of course, these items must be items you bought for future purposes.

Parking Party method

This method requires that you pack your belongings into one box. You will now begin to bring out only the items you need to use within 21 days. Any item not used after 21 days should be either sold, donated, or discarded.