Ed Kowalczyk Wiki, Wife, Tour and Net Worth

Almost every radio in US used to feature songs of the band “LIVE” in the 90’s. The main attraction of the alternative rock and post-grunge band was it exuberant but often-shirtless lead singer who was known for his sharpie -strong voice, rhythm guitar skills and creative songwriting skills.

Yes! You heard it right. On this lovely day, we will be spending our precious time talking about the former “LIVE” sensation – the one and only   ED Kowalczyk.

Edward Joel Kowalczyk alongwith his friends Chad Taylor (lead guiter), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass), Chad Gracey (drums) are known as the founding fathers of the band. Matter of fact, an unnamed band was brought to life by these talented quartets back in 1988 just to take part in a middle school talent show. Gradually, it developed into a fully functional band named LIVE.

Obviously, the quartets surprised everyone in 2009 when they decided to part ways after sticking up as one family for more than two decades. At the time, fans were simply refusing to believe that their favorite alternate rock band was in the verge of collapse.

Patrick, Taylor and Gracey version of the story portrays Ed as too selfish and self-centered person, simply someone who behaves as god-alike. According to the trio version of the story, the band couldn’t regroup after the previously agreed 2009 two years break just because of Ed. At that time, they blamed Ed for demanding unequal wage and mastering a secret contract singlehandedly. The trio major argument was that the contract allowed Ed to remain the sole owner of Live’s Black Coffee Publishing Company. They argued that the company should be a joint venture, for the band is of four people and not only of ED.

On the other hand, Ed’s version of story portrays the trio as bunch of deceiving friends who couldn’t withstand Ed’s growing popularity. According to Ed, the lawsuit filed by the trio over the publishing company dispute makes no sense.  He says the lawsuit is invalid as all of them already agreed back in 2006 upon the notion that he will start his own publishing company. According to Ed, he had no obligation to make the company joint venture as he wrote most of the music for the band. Also, Ed has emphasized that the 2009 two years hiatus was an agreed notion. He says all of them back then agreed that they will peruse their own career in this hiatus period,.

According to Ed, his friend presented him with lawsuits in the hiatus period, when he was enjoying his solo career (solo album ALive).

Anyway, now all of the lawsuits are said that, to be settled. Court decisions are not yet made public. But, we can speculate that Ed didn’t pay anything to the trio on the grounds that they also established their own band “The Gracious Few” in the hiatus period.

Moreover, it was March 2012 when the trio introduced their new lead singer Chris Shinn (ex- Unified Theory member) to the world. And on July 2012, Live filed another lawsuit against Ed for using the band names in his live show promotions. The results of the second lawsuit is presently unknown

At the age of 43 as of 2015, he is the sole owner of his three solo albums Alive, The Garden and The Flood and the Mercy. Furthermore, he has an impressive net worth that is in the range of 6 million to $10 million US dollars. Moreover, he enjoys a tall height of 5 feet and 9½ inches.

Now, moving on to his personal life, the good-looking bald man with Polish ethnicity is married to his loving wife Erin. Erin and Ed have altogether 3 children (verifiable)- all of them are lovely daughters.  Moreover, Erin was reportedly pregnant with their fourth child back in 2013.

The point of the matter is that Ed feels like he has made a right decision going solo. Surely, it was hard for him to leave the band for which he devoted most of his life. Impressively, it is said that the band LIVE altogether has sold more than 20 million copies till now. So, you can imagine what Ed left behind when he chose his own path. However, the family man now looks very happy doing small-solo-live-songs events and performing solo tours. The prayed musician has also earned some acting credentials to his reputed name. He played a waiter in the movie Fight Club. That means, he may be open to the idea of doing movies and TV shows in coming future, or maybe after he retires from the music industry.

Other wiki on his professional and personal life can be accessed via Wikipedia and IMDb’s biography on him, and also from various sources over the media. Also, his personal website may as well be a great option to get more info and pictures related to him. Furthermore, there is no any other divorce, girlfriend, dating or gay rumors on him over the media. Last but not the least; his fans can connect him via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.