Erick Sermon Wiki, Married, Girlfriend or Gay

East coast post 80’s popular hip hop group EPMD’s Erick Sermon, whose net worth is around $10 million US dollars, has just released his new song “Clutch” this July in collaboration with his old days pal Method Man and Redman.

Sermon, who is regarded as a Hip of Legend in the area, has been associated with the duo group EPMD alongside rapper Parris Smith since the year 1986 (minus a heartbreaking divorce in 1993 and a bound to happen one in 1999).

Both of the artists have seen a successful solo career as well. Erick solo career includes super-hit albums such as No Pressure, Double or Nothing and Music.  Not only that, the band itself is a success given the band being one of the most influential bands of the new genera “Golden Age Hip-hop”.

The band who is signed to its own record label namely Ep records since 2008 has plentiful of hit songs in it’s funk-fueled sample-heavy hip-hop styled albums such as Strictly Business, Unfinished business, Business as Usual, Business Never Personal, Back in Business, Out of Business and We mean Business.

Now moving on to his body configuration, the African American rapper is a tall man with the height of 6 feet and 2½ inches. He has a good physique but may have a good amount of belly fat. He can look both cute and wrathful given his short narrow round face. Unfortunately, his exact ethnicity is not known.

The biography style article will never be complete without talking about his personal life.

At first, he is not gay, as he has never expressed otherwise in the media. However, there were gay rumors about him. And, the gay rumors can be traced via Sermon’s alleged dating relationship with radio host turned TV host Wendy Williams.

Sermon’s part of the story is that he thought Wendy was her fan turned friend until she started spreading gay rumors about various artist including him. It is said that back in old days Wendy was a die-heart fan of Eric. Rumor has it that Eric didn’t wanted to take their once intimate relationship to a serious girlfriend level, having known her popularity seeking side. However, Wendy verifies none of this rumor. And, why would she? 

On the other hand, Eric anti-gay comments have done him no good. He says that being a homosexual in the hip-hop world is like a curse and isn’t welcomed. But to the good side, he is a safe-sex advocate.

Anyway, at the age of 46, the New York born artist is a single man as far as we know. He may not have married because of his busy career. But, it will be interesting to see who the Green- Eye-Bandit is going to make his wife in the future. 

Matter of fact, many people have criticized Wendy for her such behavior.

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