Famous Music Stars who never won a Grammy

The world is full of ironies. We often expect people who are talented and famous to be the ones getting all the recognition. This, however, is often not the case. Below is the list of famous music stars who has surprisingly never won a Grammy

Nicki Minaj

The voluptuous rapper is undoubtedly talented. However, for reasons too difficult to understand, she never been able to take home the most coveted musical award by music stars. Did I hear you say “not even once?” Yeah, not even once.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley too?! Yes. The late Bob Marley is one of the finest musical talents who thrilled the world with his melody. However, in spite of his best efforts, he never made it to the podium for music holy grail. I his defense, Grammy never had a reggae category until 1985. This was four trees after the demise of the musical icon.

Jim Hendrix

The poster boy of rock and roll also finds his way into this category. His talent is obvious to all; but he was never able to convince the organizers of the Grammy awards to award him in a competitive category.

Tupac Shakur

He is without controversy one of the greatest hip-hop personalities that ever lived. He was nominated six times before he died, but he never got to win a Grammy. Sad, isn’t it?

 Katy Perry

After seeing her name, you are probably beginning to wonder what exactly it takes to win a Grammy. Apart from the late musical legend, Michael Jackson, Katy is the only person to have five Number one singles in one album. She is the only female who has achieved that. The good news is that she still has time to win one.