Famous people you won’t believe had little or no Formal Education

Fame often makes people assume that such people must have received the highest level of education. Well, if you are referring to formal education, you will be wrong. There are various famous people who have changed the world you will be surprised to find out have little or no formal education.

Steve Jobs

This great man with a great mind has helped introduce the iPod, iPhone, and iPad to the world. He also worked with Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, to create the first personal college. Guess how long Jobs spent in college: six months.

Michael Faraday

He is one of the greatest scientists of all time. Thanks to him, the electric generator, the electric motor, the Bunsen burner, and electrolysis and electroplating were invented. He never had a formal education because his parents could not afford it.

Gregor Mendel

His works have given to the world the knowledge of genetics. Today’s modern’ genetics is based on Mendel’s experiments, yet, he could only attend the Australian Monastery as he could to afford a college education.

John Glen

This famous American Astronaut was a college dropout. He had to abandon college to fight during World War II after Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. He was a war hero and one of the greatest Astronauts the world has ever seen.

Henry Ford

How can we leave the man who revolutionized the U.S automobile industry out of this list? He was raised on the farm but did not become a farmer. He opted to be an apprentice to a Machinist in Detroit, and the rest is history.