Fun Facts About Snakes

All some people know about snakes is that they are dangerous reptiles. There are actually a couple of interesting things about them beyond being poisonous. Let’s check them out below.

They sleep with both eyes open

Funny, isn’t it? Don’t assume a snake is awake simply because its eyes are open. It might be having some nice dream about the seven wonders in the world of snakes.

They don’t have external ears

I know you are beginning to wonder how they hear. Their tongues do for them what a pair of ears would have done for them.

They have an average of 200 teeth

Incredible, right? Snakes have their teeth developed differently. In case you don’t know, all snakes are not poisonous.  Only poisonous snakes have poisonous teeth.

Some snakes can fly

I don’t mean with wings, that will paint a picture of a dragon. I mean, there are snakes that have developed the skill of jumping from trees to trees. This helps them to escape from predators and hunt small animals for food.

One Female Anaconda is enough for 12 males

You are finding it difficult to believe this? Well, it is the truth. They copulate by intertwining into a large ball. Interestingly, they can do this for a whole month!

Very flexible heart

Snakes are able to swallow their preys easily because of the flexibility of their heart. They can extend their heart as long as one and a half of the original size.