Ginger Zee Wedding, Married and Husband

Ginger Zee, full name Ginger Renee Zuidgeest, is the current weather news anchor for GMA (Good Morning America) on ABC. She was born in Orange, California, US.

She is popularly known as the GMA weather girl and GMA Saturday girl as she is the sole anchor for the weekend news on ABC. She is the in charge of all the weather news on ABC news. She also contributes to other ABC shows.

From the high school days, she was involved in anchoring works. She was once even asked to fill in as a guest meteorologist on The Today Show’s weekend edition while she was in high school.

As the saying goes ‘the plant that prospers has smooth leaves whereas the plant that grows badly has wilted leaves’ Zee demonstrated her talents from the beginning, and it was known that she was an aspirer. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Valparaiso University, Indiana.  

Ginger Zee is believed to be the hottest weather anchor with incredible body measurements of 34-25-34 inches. Her figure size and body measurements are searched commonly on Google.

Zee has a great figure, and her height is five feet and seven inches. That is tall for a woman of 124 lbs. (56 kg) Pictures of her can be found all over the internet wearing bikini showing off that hot body and toned sexy legs. She has even broadcast live wearing a bikini on the ABC news which can be seen on YouTube. Moreover, her beach pictures wearing bikini was also published online during her honeymoon.

Audiences admire Zee for her presentation on-screen standing firm and tall in those pointed high heels on her feet.

Beauty with brains Ginger Zee has maintained a great reputation and fame in her line of work in this industry among many others. Her net worth as of 2014 is $400,000. She gets paid a good salary.

That is a huge amount for a female anchor in this industry. With a pretty face and immense interest and passion, she made it through the ups and downs, and she is proud of herself.

Sometimes she gets criticized for her bit gravelly voice. But Zee never takes criticisms too seriously and takes it as a part of the job. And she avoids it so that it doesn’t become a distraction in her work. She likes to think positive and focus all her energy on her work and loved ones.

Talking about Zee’s personal life, she is married happily. Her husband is Ben Aaron, short for Benjamin Aaron Colonomos, her long boyfriend. Ben Aaron is a famous WNBC-TV New York personality.

They were wed in Michigan recently on June 7, 2014. Zee’s wedding was a hit. Pictures of her wedding and after-wedding party pictures were over the internet and covered by many magazines.

An exclusive interview related to her dramas and actions in her wedding is also covered by the, an online magazine. There are no rumors of her being divorced or in any love affairs since her marriage.  

At just 36 years of age, Zee has achieved so much and stands at a big position as a senior meteorologist at a big television news channel. This is the success that everyone would want in such a small time.

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You can follow her tweets on Twitter at @ginger_zee, where she is mostly active. She has a verified Facebook account too.  Also if you want more information on her to go to and search her profile.