Goldie Taylor Wiki, Bio, Husband, Married and Divorce

Being a writer can be great at times and sometimes the main point of criticism as well because written works can cause biases in opinions and those divided opinions can be the main point of the criticism.

There are always haters around who are waiting for a chance to point out the mistakes, and those who can avoid them and do not give them an opportunity comes out to be one of the best authors and same is the case with Goldie Taylor.

Goldie is a 46 years old author who has been one of the most successful authors of all time. She is also a television personality and a journalist, and she has a good fan following. She is very popular on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where she shares her opinions on certain situations with her fans and admirers.

A lot of information about Goldie and her biography can be extracted from wiki sites like Wikipedia.

She was born in the year 1968 which makes her 49 years of age at this current time. She was born in a place called University City which is located in Missouri.

Her journey to the great height of success has never been easy as she has went through a lot in her childhood to her teenage her and her struggle in an example to other woman and she has all the qualities to be a role model.

When she was very young her father was murdered and her mother had to fight hard to bring up her and her siblings. She went to public schools for her education as private schools would be very expensive and not possible for her mother to pay for her education. She got her education in the field of Political Science and International Affair from a University named as Emory University.  

A lot of information about Goldie personal life is missing on the internet but from some of her Twitter posts it seems like she was married to a man who abused her physically. She has also tweeter about her mother’s husband abusing her mother by smashing her mother’s face through a plate glass window.

Currently she is living with her family but it is not confirmed whether her husband is still a part of her family. She might have given divorce to her husband after all those physical abuses.

She has kept her personal life away from the media and she has never spoken about her boyfriend, affair and whom she is dating at the moment. It seems like she did not have children from her husband.

She has been fighting for the children who has been victims of abuses and made herself a true hero. She has landed her feet on the top of Everest of success and stands tall over there with pride and satisfaction in her heart. 

She might not be hot as other woman with sexy legs but she is a woman with courage and will power which can change the world. She is very successful already and is financially very complete.

She gets a healthy salary annually and her net worth is in millions. She has made one blog and named it as The Goldie Taylor Project. She is the managing editor of the blog and she has done the blog to discuss current political and social issues in America.

Taylor is one of the most important personality to the huge TV and News channels like CNN, HLN and MSNBC and her work related to social, political and faith issues for these mighty TV channels is absolutely spot on. She is a true social worker and a great contributor who makes her an icon and a role model to many people.