Greta Van Susteren Husband, Divorce, Salary and Net Worth

Known for her fluent commentary, Greta Van Susteren has made herself into an attractive and fruitful TV personality in America.

Born on 11th of June, 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, she is best known for the program “On the Record w/Greta Van Susteren” which is broadcasted on the Fox News Channel.

She is also a former civil trial lawyer and has also appeared in “Burden of Proof” on CNN. She was always inclined to study law as her father was also a judge.

Her academic excellence has helped her to discover her professional excellence. In 1979, Susteren graduated J.D. from Georgetown University Law Centre. She then worked full time for Georgetown Law.

She was honored with a doctorate of law degree from the Stetson Law School. Later, she appeared on CNN as a legal analyst. Her career took off in 1991 and since then, she has been actively involved in this field.

Career milestones:

She decided to work with Fox News Channel in 2002. Through her hosting of “On the Record w/Greta Van Susteren”, she became very popular among the viewers. Indeed, the show has shown how capable she is.

The career path she chose was not an easy one. She has faced many hurdles on her way. But, she has always succeeded in conquering these obstacles.

She was almost fired from the Fox News Channel when she criticized the Republican candidate for the US Senate in Texas. Due to similar incidences, she was highly popularized among the people watching her show. Despite the criticisms, she held her head high and moved on.

In 2017, she got the opportunity to be named as the Master of Ceremonies for the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner. Not everyone gets the chance like that.  

Beauty at 62:

Not only Greta’s professional charisma but her beauty has also gained tremendous attention. Standing tall at the height of 5 feet 3 inches, she flaunts hot and sexy legs on camera.

Despite the fact that she is known for her strong views on several issues, her fans also appreciate his pleasing her body measurements.

She has reached the age of 62 as of 2015, but she looks no less graceful as she was in her 20s. This beautiful TV personality has many pictures that have gone viral on the web.

Not only that, she is very famous on social networking sites like Twitter, where she has a large number of followers.

She’s married, know about her love life:

There had been many rumors about her personal life including boyfriends, affairs, and dating. But, she proved all of these rumors wrong in 1988 when she got married to John P. Coale. Her husband is also a lawyer.

Though they have been married for such a long period, they have not had any children. The couple is currently living a happy life, so the matter of divorce has always been out of the question.

In addition to a happy life with her husband, her wealth has made her life a luxurious one. Greta earns an annual salary of $1.3 million dollars. Her total net worth is $35 million dollars.

It has made her one of the richest TV personalities in the US. She is ahead in many aspects of her life. The fact that she was added in the list of most powerful women in the world is self-explanatory of her worth.

If you are her fan, you can also follow her on Twitter under the username @greta or Facebook under her name.

End of relationship with Fox News Channel!

When Greta posted about her leaving Fox News so suddenly, most of her fans were shocked. They must have been so habituated tuning into the channel for her, but she left the show and the channel.

Will the fans from Fox News go to MSNBC?

We think they will change networks too after reading what Greta Tweeted about in regards to different comments that poeple who have watched her for more than 25 years gave.

She knows that she can’t be perfect and all that she can do is to give facts and quality news to people.

She is so confident that she focused on facts and fairness and that her audience would certainly love her no matter which channel she goes to. Maybe she didn’t expect that most of her followers would go to the dark side just because she changed the networks.

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