Gretchen Carlson Husband, Divorce, Salary and Net Worth

“I might even pursue a career in politics. If I do, I will have had great practice dealing with the avalanche of daily criticism from working at Fox News and being a former Miss America. I’m ready for anything!”

Introduction to Gretchen

Born on 1966 on June 21, Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson is a well- known face in American TV industry. She is a former 1989 Miss America beauty pageant winner who is already 50 years old.

Currently working for Fox News, she hosts the program Fox News’s Daytime show, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.

Gretchen’s story of her career

Starting her career with WRIC-TV, she used to work as a political reporter in Richmond, Virginia. She has also worked for KXAS-TV as an anchor and reporter.

After that, she joined WOIO TV and WCPO-TV as a reporter. As a news correspondent, she joined CBS network in 2000.

Bold and beautiful, sexy Gretchen has the perfect body with a tall height and slender legs. Her long legs and perfect feet can be seen on pictures as well. 

Finally, in 2005, she was hired by Fox News and started hosting Fox News’ favorite show, Fox, and friends. She hosted the program until 2013. Some people also say that she was fired from the show. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

She looks hot and sexy in the every attire she wears. Usually, for her show, she wears tight and formal dresses. She has a curvy and hour shape type of figure due to her body measurements.

She believes that every woman should exercise to maintain their value. She regularly gives herself time for training and maintenance.

A beautiful and talented personality, she has a high net worth of around $2.5 million US dollars. She is paid an impressive salary as well. She has been able to achieve so much, and it all started at a very young age.

Talking about her achievements, she has been honored by the inaugural class of Anoka High School in 2011.

From her childhood, she was very active and talented. She attended Anoka-Hennepin School for her schooling. Later, in 1990, she graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Sociology.

Married life of Gretchen

Moving onto her personal life, relationships, and affairs, she is married to her husband, Casey Close. Before marrying him in 1997, she had a love affair with her boyfriend, Kevin McGraw.  

She was not only interested in books as she used to engage in various other extracurricular activities. She is magnificent at playing violin and has won many national and international competitions. She competed in Miss Minnesota, winning the title in 1988. This led her to take part in and win Miss America title later in 1989.

They were dating when she met Casey. After finding the right man for herself, she got married.

Adding on to her personal background, she is an American nationality but belongs to Swedish ethnicity. Karen and Lee Carlson are her parents. 

It is said that her relationship with Kevin couldn’t last long due to some problems particularly because she has two children with husband Casey. They are happily married till now, and there is no trace of divorce in their marriage as rumored. Neither of them has been involved in extra-marital affairs.

Raised in a Lutheran family, she follows the Lutheran faith. She has three siblings; one sister and two brothers. Although she didn’t plan to enter the television industry, she somehow ended up on TV.

Other detailed information about Gretchen Carlson can be found on Wikipedia and several social networking sites. She is active on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her fans can follow her on Twitter and get updates from her through her tweets.

Know about the Gretchen’s sexual harassment claims?

Something trend-breaking happened when Gretchen spoke about having faced sexual harassment during her work in Fox News. And even the CEO had been very demeaning and demotivating to her. She even said that he advanced him with proposals for sexual relations. Gretchen was very clever to record her meetings with Ailes.

But things weren’t easy. When Gretchen started to collect evidences, she got fired from her job. There were other people who backed up the CEO as the best boss that they could have ever worked for and further made it worst for Gretchen.

There were questions about why Gretchen waited long till her job was ended and not filed a lawsuit by quitting on her own. But there must have been fears of being considered as a trouble maker. But investigations were stated in hopes of getting something dug. And then, slowly there were women who were ready to speak about the similar cases that had happened to them.  

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