Haley Hudson Wiki, Bio, Married or Boyfriend, Dating

Haley Kaye Hudson is an American actress of both TV as well as movies, known for her roles in some famous TV shows like Weeds (2005, 2008), Sons & Daughters (2006), Look: The Series (2010), The Mentalist (2014) and others. Also, she has played in some Hollywood films like Freaky Friday (2003), Look (2007), Marley & Me (2008), Killer by Nature (2010), The Pact (2012) etc. Having played in several different roles, she has demonstrated her level of maturity and professionalism and has proved her worth as a good actress. As a result, she has been nominated for a couple of awards, and might win some in her coming days. In order to find out more about her, you can follow her on her official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Haley was born on the 14th of June, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America and in 2015 is 29 years of age. Born in a middle class family, she was raised by her grandfather and her mother Elena Alexander and there is no news regarding her father. She was her mother’s only child and from a young age demonstrated good acting and dancing skills. As a result, she was admitted to a dance academy along with her school, where she was an average student. Talking about her bisexuality, she says she first noticed it at the age of 15. But she felt shy and insecure to talk about it, till she became an actress and it was inevitable. Born and raised in a white ethnicity, her biography doesn’t have much to say about her, although available in Wikipedia. By 2015, her net worth value is less than $1 million USD.

She is a good-looking woman, who has got a nice height, attractive face and sexy figure. Before talking about the personal life and affairs of Haley, I’d first like to clear out something that has been a matter of confusion for her fans and other people. Many people have said that she is a bisexual while some have confirmed of her being straight. The fact of the matter is that she is a bisexual. Yes, this hot and gorgeous woman can take both types and has thus been a matter of conflict and in many cases, confusion. As a result, there is no certainty that she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a husband or a wife because that varies from time to time. She has never been married nor has got nay children so far, despite the rumors of her wedding news coming out many times.

Her dating list includes some well-known personalities, from different countries and background. To start off with, she was dating actress Heather Hogan, who happens to be a lesbian back in 2004. The two of them split up a year later and then Hudson was seen romantically involved with actor Marshall Allman. Although there was a rumor that at the same time she was seen with TV icon Traci Lords, but that relationship was perfectly professional. As of 2006, she was in a short lived relationship with singer Emily Baldoni and after breaking up was believed to be dating artist Adam Rifkin. As of now, her relationship status is unknown to us.