Hans Zimmer Wiki, Wife, Married, Divorce and Net Worth


Hans Zimmer is a German nationality who is very well known as a composer and record producer. He was born on the twelfth of September, has reached 58 years of age already but still has been on the right track concerning his health and fitness. He is Jewish. His mother had been a fan of music and his father was an engineer; that means, his mother has been the major source of inspiration for Hans from his childhood. Hans lost his father when he was very young; after that, he was in a way free to choose music as his career despite of the fact that his father wanted him to pursue a career in engineering. His mother left him and he escaped into the world of music where he saw his horizon expanding in terms of learning. He lived in London after his teenage and attended school over there.

From the very childhood, he had practiced piano lessons but he hated the idea of music learned as a discipline. He was involved with the band called Krakatoa and played keyboards; that is how his career began. He has worked with so many renowned ones like Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes and Bruce Woolley in the band called The Buggles. That was how it all started but later he gained so much of knowledge and experience that all of those experiences complemented to each other and thus, Hans became able to create good music with the help of them all. Today, Hans can share about his great works to the world and is not just limited to German. His choice of music as a career was a right choice because that was where his passion lay.

Hans has a net worth of $90 million dollars; that is huge and all of that has been accumulated through the hard work that he put into his profession and excelled in what he did. He has successfully composed music that people have loved. The Lion King, the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Thin Red Line, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar are some works of his that has given him his identity in the world of entertainment. These are the works that has helped to prove his worth to the world, finest of his works. To know more about his works and career, his biography can be read in his wikis.

For a successful celebrity like him, life has been a normal thing because ups and downs in the tough career chosen had already prepared him to fight the difficulties. The love life of this celebrity is very inspiring; the commitment he has shown in life can be considered inspiring. There are no news of him having so many girlfriend that he went out dating. Even though he has reached to a great height of success, he loves his wife, who he married long time ago, just like the first day, when they were young where there is no likelihood of divorce. He is not gay and lives with his wife in Los Angeles, he also has four children who complete his life.